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Top 5 Ways to Update Your Curb Appeal

by Suzanne M. Harvey

Top Five Tips to Update Your Curb Appeal


This is a great time to make some changes outside and create the curb appeal you’ve always wanted.  Whether you are selling your home or just need a refresh, there are so many simple ways to make some updates to your exterior space.  Here are my top five ways to update your curb appeal.


  1. Shrubs & Trees

Clean out your flower beds.  Get rid of the weeds and trim your trees and shrubs.  This will give an instant lift to your home’s curb appeal.  If your beds are looking a little sparse pick up a few more shrubs to fill in.  Go for green leaf shrubs that don’t require a lot of maintenance to look good.  One of my favorites is box woods.  They are easy to shape and keep their color throughout the year.



Top Five Tips to Update Your Curb Appeal

  1. Front Door

Paint it and update the hardware. A fresh coat of paint and new hardware will instantly make it look new.  When selecting a color make sure that it coordinates with the house.  A pop of color is a great choice just make sure that is ties to something else – a piece of furniture on the porch in the same shade or colorful flower pots is the simplest way to achieve this. Stick with colors that will make a statement but be long lasting.  A deeper richer tone is best.


  1. Top Five Tips to Update Your Curb Appeal

    Exterior Lights

Have you had the same lights since you moved in years ago?  It’s time to change them out.  There are some great options available that are reasonably priced and if you can match colors you can change them out yourself (no electrician required). Simple sleek styles are your best option.  You want your choices to go the distance and last for several years without looking dated.





  1. Top Five Tips to Update Your Curb Appeal

    Front Porch

Dress up your front porch.  Add a sitting area with a chair or two and a small table.  This will create a welcoming feel and you may find yourself enjoying the view too.  Another great addition to the porch is a colorful area rug.  There are so many great options that are reasonably priced.  Creating this space with make everyone want to sit and talk for awhile.  Isn’t that what porches are for??



  1. Garage Doors

    Top Five Tips to Update Your Curb Appeal

This is a big expense but well worth updating – especially if your garage is front facing.  There are so many great styles available in a variety of colors.  Again select a color that coordinates with the house and will have some longevity. I also recommend getting a door that has windows.  It creates a more welcoming feel and creates a better work space on the inside with the addition of natural light.  Another suggestion is make sure that you have sufficient insulation for your area.  In the cold Midwest I need an insulated door.  In sunny Florida they need a hurricane rated door.  Check with your local garage door company for the best options.

NOTE: This tip comes with a caution…don’t try this on your own.  Install should always be done by a professional.  Doors are very heavy and those springs can do some serious damage.  I am all for DIY when it can be done safely.  So stay safe and hire a pro on this one!


Are you inspired to get outside?  I hope so.  Curb appeal is important whether you are looking to sell or staying for the long haul.  These tips are easy, inexpensive ways to spruce up your place and make it more welcoming.

I can’t wait to see your new updates so post pics!

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