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Top 5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Paint Color

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Paint is the easiest & the least expensive way to freshen up any space. But figuring out the right color for your space is the toughest decision in any project. This simple 3 step system will help you pick the perfect color every time. And love your space again!

#1 – Find an inspiration piece

This can be anything that you love & want to incorporate in the space. Sometimes it is a piece of art or a sentimental piece of furniture or that amazing rug you picked up on your vacation in Mexico.


#2 – Select a color that you love in that piece

Now pick just one color that is in that inspiration piece that you love. I recommend a bold color selection. Don’t pick the neutral you want some color in your space on the walls. And don’t panic, we won’t be painting the walls that bright orange or pink.

#3 – Pick 3 colors in that shade (light, medium & dark)

After you pick your color head to the paint store and find your color. Then select a shade in that same color that is a slightly lighter tone and one that is darker. Most paint stores have color chips that show you multiple shades in the same family so it makes it super simple for you.


#4 – Paint a sample of each that you can review in this space

Don’t trust the color chip for accurate color. Instead purchase a sample size of each of the 3 colors. You can paint this on the wall or pick up a 24×24 piece of drywall for each color. This will give you a way to see a large section of the paint in the room, in different lights and at different times of the day.

#5 – Pick your favorite of those 3 & GO FOR IT!

Time to get to it! Pick the shade you love and put that paint on the wall. All the planning is great but it does no good if you don’t follow through. So go for it. And don’t stress out over the paint. By testing the samples in the space you will be sure of the color and know that you will love it, before painting all the walls.

I can’t wait to see the colors you select. Post those pictures of your finished projects & tag me on social so I can cheer you on!

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