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Top 5 Staging Tips

by Suzanne M. Harvey

Top 5 Staging Tips for Resale

Spring has finally arrived and it is the perfect time to sell your house.  The market is ready and is swarming with buyers.  So you look around your house and know it needs a little refresh.  But no one wants to spend lots of money on big renovations when trying to sell your house.  Here are my top 5 staging tips to get your house ready for the market on a budget.


Top 5 Staging Tips for Resale


#1 – Refresh the Paint:  A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for how your home looks.  Warm neutrals are best to appeal to a wide audience of buyers.  A few of my favorites are Gobi Desert by Behr Paint, Weimeraner by Benjamin Moore and Perfect Greige by Sherwin Williams.  A little paint & some elbow grease and you will be set.


#2 – Deep Clean – A good old Spring cleaning will make all the difference in your house.  No one wants to buy a house that seems dirty.  If you give your house a really deep clean (windows, floors, carpets, dusting) it will be easier for you to keep it up when all those buyers line up for showings.


Top 5 Staging Tips for Resale


#3 – Rearrange Your Furniture – You don’t need to buy new furniture to get your house ready to sell!  Save that for your new place.  Think about the pieces you have.  Can you move some pieces to create a new layout?  Can you put some pieces in another space or give them another purpose?  One note on this tip – sometimes you just need to get pieces out of the space altogether.  Rent a storage unit.  The small cost is worth it to get that house sold quickly!


#4 – Update Accessories – Sometimes just a few new elements will liven up your space.  Buy new throw pillows in a fun (and coordinating) color or maybe a new duvet for your bed.  Even a new piece of art or mirror can change the look of your room.


Top 5 Staging Tips for Resale


#5 – De-Clutter!!! – Seriously if you love knick knacks box them up.  When a potential buyer enters your home they want it clutter free.  Take a look at each space and remove everything then only put back one or two things.  Also make sure that any personal items are put away such as family pictures, anything personalized.

Are you ready to sell your house and found your next dream home?  These top 5 staging tips will be a great start.  Put a little effort and a little money into your house and get ready to move on to your next home. As always I can’t wait to see how you use these tips so make sure to post comments and pictures.






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