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This Simple 4 Step Nighttime Routine Saved My Mornings

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Are you like me? Trying to get out the door in the morning is a struggle. Not for my kid but for me. I am NOT a morning person. I have read all the books about how those who rise early and have this strategic plan get so much done. Well guess what – not everyone was designed to take the morning by storm! And there is no shame in that. So my mid morning friends take heart. I have come up with a few hacks that make my mornings a bit more manageable and ensure my kid is not late for school again.

Step #1 – Pick Out Clothes for the Next Day

I recently did a closet cleanse with a local stylist – Megan from the Style Foundry Cleveland. What a life saver, she took picture of my clothes then created a cheat sheet for me with outfits already put together – GENIUS! So now I start my nighttime routine by pulling out my outfit for the next day. No more standing in the closet, staring aimlessly wasting precious morning minutes.

Step #2 – Wash Your Face

Here’s a bit of honesty, I used to be terrible at washing my face at night (this is super bad for your skin & as a skincare consultant it is super super bad). But I figured out a simple routine for nighttime that keeps me much more consistent & literally takes 2 minutes – remove make up, anti aging serum & night cream. If I can fight off the signs of aging with 2 minutes of effort I am in.

Now that these 2 steps are done it’s time to start unwinding from the day. I don’t have much trouble sleeping but I don’t always shut down in the most beneficial way. Staying up late in bed on my phone or tablet does not induce the best sleep. So now onto the steps that help me relax and be ready for a great night’s sleep.

Step #3 – Bubble Bath

This is my personal favorite. I know not everyone loves a bath but I find it super relaxing. Warm water, some bubbles or bath salts & your favorite beverage – PERFECTION! So if a bath isn’t your jam try a shower. Or maybe meditation or prayer. Find a relaxing “activity” to set you up for an amazing night’s sleep. And then your morning will be so much easier.

Step #4 – Read

And finally the last step of my evening routine…read. There are a few caveats here. No reading on your tablet or phone. The blue light emissions will disrupt your body’s signals to go to sleep. Time to go old school with a paperback book or magazine. And nothing too intense. Don’t read the newspaper or a scary novel. Think soothing & maybe even a little “boring” reading.

Try these simple steps and get a good night’s sleep. Your morning routine will thank you. And so will your family.


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