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5 Design Tips from a French Chateau

Chateau de Fontainebleau, France

On a recent trip to Europe, I toured a chateau (aka a really big house) that was the “summer” home of royalty. I was in awe of the beauty and opulence in each room. But I discovered something a bit surprising…many of the best design tips for your home today were on display in this magnificent home from the 1800’s.

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Splurge vs. Save – Spend Your Design Dollars Wisely

I recently had the honor of being interviewed by the Interior Design Society – a nationwide professional organization for residential interior designers & industry partners – about my design approach, inspirations and my go to basics ( It was so much fun to think about why I do what I do, the way that I…

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Home Build Update: Where Have I Been??

Home Build Update

A home build update…It is finally finished!  Building our home was quite an adventure but I could not be happier with the finished product.  Most of last year we were eyeball deep in the details of the build.  Then October arrived and we were moving in.  Then two major holidays.  Wow what a crazy year!…

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Parade of Homes Provide Design Inspirations

Parade of Homes Provide Design Inspiration

Are you in need of design inspiration?  Tired of looking at all the magazines and watching every DIY show?  Maybe it’s time to check out your local parade of homes.  Each year local home builders’ associations will host a parade of homes to showcase their latest homes and they often include the latest design trends. …

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How to Tackle Design Decisions for Your Next Project

Tackling Design for Your Next Project

Whether you are building a new house or renovating an existing space, the design decisions can seem daunting. Often I hear people complain there’s too many choices and too many decisions to make. It seems that this ‘fear’ of too many choices stops people from even starting the next project.  So I started thinking about…

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Reclaimed Wood Inspiration

Barn Wood Inspiration Feature

Many design trends carry on from year to year. Some fade into the sunset quickly.  One trend that is continuing to be popular is the use of reclaimed wood.  As old structures such as barns and 100 yr old homes are being torn down, there is an effort underway to salvage and reuse as much…

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Get in the Mood…for Design

Get in the mood...for design

How do you get in the mood for design?  When I start a new project I start with a mood board.  It can be electronic or digital & should be filled with images of objects, paint colors and rooms that inspire you.  And bonus…it really gets the creative juices flowing.   It used to be our…

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