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Super Simple Cheater Skincare Routine for Nighttime

by Suzanne M. Harvey


We all want to fight off the effects of aging. I always tell people I am 29…hahaha! But seriously it’s not vain to want to look & feel your best. And when our skin looks good we feel good – am I right??!! The experts recommend cleaning your face morning & night. And never going to bed with makeup on. But let’s get real… are you exhausted when you finally drop into bed? Yep me too. No one has the energy to even wipe off the makeup. But I have this super simple “cheater” routine that helps me take better care of my skin in less than 3 minutes.

Here is My 3 Step Routine

Step #1 – Use a makeup removal cloth

This is the easiest way to get the makeup and residue from the day off your face. Grab a cloth (my favorite is from Norwex), make a few wipes (spend a little extra time on those lashes and eyes – but be gentle). For extra stubborn eye makeup, grab a good quality eye makeup remover. And seconds later you are done and ready for step 2.

Step #2 – Anti aging serum

This is the magic sauce! After all the crud from the day is gone I pull out my favorite blue capsule (Intensive Renewing Serum by Rodan + Fields) then gentle apply it starting with my forehead, getting up close to those crows feet (that none of us have ūüėČ and the rest goes on my neck. Bye bye turkey neck!!

Step #3 – Night Cream

Time to moisturize. A great night cream will soften the appearance of those pesky wrinkles and tighten your skin. Helping it to repair from the day’s damage while you sleep.

And that’s all folks! Super simple and quick. Perfect for this busy mom who just wants to drop into bed after another crazy day!

BONUS: If you have a few extra minutes, go ahead and apply a great eye cream (I usually use mine in the morning).

A few moments of self care at the end of the day will do your mind, body & soul so much good. You will wake up refreshed, looking great and feeling better for taking a few minutes for you. And you will be ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you. What’s your go to nighttime routine to take care of your skin?


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