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Saying Goodbye to Summer – 3 Ways to Make The Days Count

by Suzanne M. Harvey

Goodbye Summer Palms

Being a work from home mom seems like the ideal way to be present for my son and make the most amazing summer memories. But mamas let’s be real…every mom has more on their plate than they could ever accomplish whether you work at home or away from home. We wear the most hats and can feel like the summer speeds by and we never had the chance to stop and enjoy it with our kids.

I love the summer. The lazy mornings, beach adventures and pool days. I know many kids have gone back to school but I am not ready to let summer go. I am holding on for dear life. Anybody else?? I am doing my best to slow down the last few days before school starts again.

Goodbye Summer Selfie

I want to help my fellow mamas make the most of these last few days we have. Make some memories (not the Pinterest-y ones, but the real ones). And do it without guilt or FOMO. We are in this together and we can do it! I need my mom tribe and I love when we can share what is working. So here are a few things I am doing to make these summer days count.

#1 – Take the Last Days of Summer Break Off

If at all possible, block off these days to be with your kids. Leave a few vacation days for this purpose. These are no laptop, no work call kinds of days. Be focused & present with your family on these days.

#2 – Get Away

We always take a mini vacay before school starts. Having family in a warm sunny place really helps. All we have to do is get there. NO big adventures, just simple swim days, golf cart rides, board games and yummy food. Whether it is a stay in a local hotel or a plane ride away, make sure to be away from your house. The separation from your house helps you get focused on spending quality time as a family.

#3 – Do Something NEW

Is there something your kids want to try? Or a new place to eat? Maybe a new park to explore or the latest roller coaster ride. It really can be anything, just do something new. New experiences you have with your family create memories that will last a lifetime. And make sure it is fun…and maybe a little scary.

Hope you will join me and make the most of these last few summer days. Get out there and have some fun. Take a few days off, get away and do something new.

How do you make the most of these last few days of summer break? Make sure to share in the comments below.


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