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Rock Solid

by Suzanne M. Harvey

Giallo-Ornamental_CloverKit copy

I have a laundry list of updates for our new home.  It is what I do after all.  I take it and make it mine (or yours for my clients).  That is the joy I find in design.  Taking the good bones and creating a space that is a reflection of those that live in it.  

I’ll be honest I am no different from my clients.  I want instant results.  Since I can see the vision for the end result I have no patience to wait for it to be a reality. But that is the reality of renovations.  So I started with the project that should be the fastest to complete…the kitchen.

clover5 copy





This space is in pretty good condition.  Especially since it was built in the late 80’s. That’s right – no mauve paint or brass fixtures??  None in site but there are a few updates I must make.  First up….those laminate counters.

There are a multitude of stones available for kitchens today.  And I love so many of them.  But with resale in mind I opted for the solid choice of granite.  It is a great choice for kitchens and has immense resale value.  Every buyer these days expects it.  And after our Realtor confirmed it…off we go!

So today I ventured to a local granite supplier to find our new counter. I found some absolutely gorgeous and amazing options.  How amazing that this rock comes out of the ground with these colors & designs!  So here is where the conflict comes in…can I find something I like that inspires the designer in me and still appeals to the masses??  After all I will probably only live in this house for a few years.

Giallo-Ornamental_CloverKit copy

Here it is…Giallo Ornamental.  I love that it has so many colors and yet has a subtle veining and will liven up the space.  It only took a few weeks to get it and I am loving it!

But one solid rock is not enough for this kitchen!  Enter travertine…for the back splash.  Again I wanted a choice that would add value but work with any decor.  I love the texture of tumbled travertine.  With a little shine from the metallic accent tile we were ready for install.


So here it is…the final product.

Kitchen_backsplash 007 copy




A designers work is never done…especially in her own home, so until next time…make the most of every moment wherever you find yourself!

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