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Ready, Set, GO!!!

by Suzanne M. Harvey

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I am finally in Connecticut!  In a few short days this house will be ours.  I want to do some work in the kitchen, bathrooms and totally gut the master bath.  I have my projects and I am ready to get started.

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So what is the first step?  I needed a contractor to do some of the work.  Dad is coming from Ohio to help with a lot of the projects.  So how do you do find the right contractor – especially when you are in a new area?  One of your best resources is your real estate agent.  They have an amazing network of vendors and contractors and they know their work.  Plus they have an office full of co-workers that have local contacts.  These are the best recommendations.  So check there first!

So now you have your list, what’s next?? Now it’s your turn to do some leg work!  Check them out for yourself.  Check with the local Better Business Bureau. Check with local professional organizations and do a drive by.  Check out their location and then set up an appointment.


I recommend talking to a few (at least 2 or 3).  Ask them the same questions and give each of them the same information.  This will help you compare apples to apples when you get your estimates.

When meeting with each contractor Be honest – tell them what your budget really is and what you really want.  It will help them give you an accurate estimate and provide you with as many options as possible while not blowing the budget.

Then make your choice.  Your choice should be based on a combination of price & personality. If he has a great price but you don’t think you will get along don’t do it!  These projects should be fun.  Yes there are challenges but it should not be a struggle.  Having the right contractor can make all the difference!  

PS – finding a good designer can really help in this process too 😉

We found a great contractor and we are on our way. Next stop the granite supplier!

Enjoying the journey…

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