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Parade of Homes Provide Design Inspirations

by Suzanne M. Harvey

Parade of Homes Provide Design Inspiration

Are you in need of design inspiration?  Tired of looking at all the magazines and watching every DIY show?  Maybe it’s time to check out your local parade of homes.  Each year local home builders’ associations will host a parade of homes to showcase their latest homes and they often include the latest design trends.  These are different from their spec homes in that they really try to make them all top of the line.  You will see all their upgrades and get some great design ideas.  It’s time to let the parade of homes provide design inspirations!

Parade of Homes Provide Design Inspiration

These homes will offer ideas for great storage solutions.  Family lockers in the mudroom are still very popular.  Let’s be honest who couldn’t use more storage for all the stuff!  You will find ideas of where to place them (i.e. mudroom, garage, foyer) as well as paint colors.  They are typically white or black but why not try a punch of color like a red or teal? Often you will see them accessorized  with pillows…so this is obviously for presentation – none of us live like this ;).

Parade of Homes Provide Design Inspiration

In these homes the kitchens and baths will often been the show piece of the space.  You will get inspired with the use of some beautiful tiles and shiny appliances. As well as how to stage your home for sale or just for when company comes.

Parade of Homes Provide Design Inspiration

This bath that I recently saw was spectacular.  The stone arched entry and wall were beautiful.  It really created an entry for the bath.  The tile work and attention to detail on the inside made it a place to relax and retreat.  While most homes don’t have space (or budget) for such an extravagant shower design just take a few elements to incorporate like the beautiful twisted iron towel bar.

Parade of Homes Provide Design Inspiration

Maybe it is the beautiful ‘wood’ look tile on the floor.  It gives the illusion of wood with the practicality of tile in the space.  Or maybe it is a little stone on one accent wall to to create a beautiful design.  Even the simplest element can elevate your space and spark your imagination.

Parade of Homes Provide Design Inspiration

The other space for design inspiration in these parade homes is the basement.  For most families the basement is the last place to get designed but in these show places there is much time and money spent.  So get inspired!  It may be a beautiful built in bar or media area.  Or a fun play area for the kids.  Don’t let your budget stifle your creativity.  You may not be able to re-create the space on your budget but take elements from that and make it yours.  Get inspired and creative and see where it takes you. For us it is these barrels.  I can’t wait to find a way to incorporate them in our basement design.

Get out and explore your local parade of homes and let it inspire your designs!


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