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Not Your Typical Moving Day Tips!

by Suzanne M. Harvey

Not Your Typical Moving Day Tips

As much as we have moved I still love getting tips & tricks from other people.  There is always something new to learn. If I can do something to make it easier / better I am all for it!  But how many times have you clicked on a link on Facebook or Pinterest only to find the same old thing.  Well I wanted to put a list together that may be things you hadn’t thought of before.  So here are my “not your typical moving day tips”

#1 -Plan to eat out or have food delivered.  As you prepare to move it is easy to think you can eat at home & save money while the movers are packing up your things.  I have tried it and don’t recommend it.  It is not possible.  Professional movers always pack the kitchen first.  So just plan on eating out or getting delivery.  It will make your life simpler, I promise.

Not Your Typical Moving Day Tips


#2 – Have a stash of paper goods.  This goes with #1.  If you are having food delivered you need plates, cups, napkins & utensils.  I keep a small tote with these essentials (mostly left over from birthday parties and holidays).  It doesn’t take much space. Plus they can be easily disposed of when you are done.

Not Your Typical Moving Day Tips



#3 – Set aside your kids favorite things.  Let’s face it, moving is hard.  It is physically & emotionally taxing, especially for little ones.  If you have put aside their favorite things it can be a life saver for you. It will help them make the transition a bit easier.  I usually pick up a new toy for my little guy that is just for the move.  I gave it to him on the first day of the move and it was a great distraction.


Not Your Typical Moving Day Tips

#4 – Designate a corner (or room) for the ‘stays with me’ stuff.  Whether your moving across town or across the country, you will need to keep a few things handy.  My best advice is to designate a few areas for these things.  This will help you (and the movers) keep it straight.  Don’t worry about being really neat with this (as you can see I am not). Just get your stuff off to the side & when the movers are done you can organize.



#5 -Plan an extra night at the hotel.  We always spend our last night in town at a local hotel.  It allows for a good night’s rest before a day of travel.  While you may only need the one night, always book the night prior as well.  If you don’t need it you can cancel that morning without being charged.  But if your movers are too fast you have a comfortable place to land.  Bonus – if you have kids, many hotels have an indoor pool (a great way to burn off some energy & have a little fun).

If you are moving I hope these tips will help make it easier for you and your family. Got any tips of your own?  Share them in the comments.  Wishing you a safe and easy move!  Now let’s get moving!



  1. JulieK on September 4, 2014 at 1:14 pm

    I would not have thought of probably any of these! Maybe the paper goods! Lol but the hotel idea is genius!! Sad you moved but glad the transition is going well!

    • Designs On The Move on September 16, 2014 at 2:15 am

      Staying at the hotel has been a life saver on several moves. Having a good night’s sleep helps everything seem OK.

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