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Metallics are Everywhere

by Suzanne M. Harvey

Metallics are Everywhere

Metallics are everywhere.  Metallic finishes can be found in everything from decor, to furniture, to paint and beyond. And metallic trends continue to be all the rage.  Everywhere you look you can find items for your home in every metallic tone – at every price point. Gold, iron, bronze and yes, even brass are in vogue. You can use them in many different ways and you can mix them. A touch of metallic in any space will elevate the design and make it sparkle.

The key with any trend is balance. A touch of metallic in a space will create a beautiful accent but be careful no to take it too far. Too much of a good thing really is bad. So here are a few of my favorites…

Metals Metals Everywhere



These beautiful gold sculptures are just the right amount of metallic and would be great in a living room or office.





Metals Metals Everywhere



A great addition to your space would be the clean sleek lines of this silver side table and white tray. Creating a modern space that reflects the light in the space.





Metals Metals Everywhere



This vintage inspired pendant adds a beautiful sparkle to a space. A lovely option for a bath or bedroom.





Metals Metals Everywhere



Love, Love, Love this wallpaper!!!! This is a stunning option for adding a metallic element in your space.  But please don’t use it on every wall in the room.  This makes a beautiful accent.





With a dash of metallic, your space will come alive and be right on trend.  Metallics are a beautiful addition to your space all year around.

Metallic trends are here to stay. Embrace it & have some fun adding it to your space today.  Show me how you are using this trend in your space.


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