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How to Work from Home During Summer Break

by Suzanne M. Harvey

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Wow! What a crazy end to the school year. As we finished up online school and closed out the strangest spring quarter ever, I was seriously wondering what summer break would look like. Our son usually goes to a summer camp at his school during the summer and of course that is closed due to the pandemic. So how was I going to figure out running two businesses and taking care of customers while making sure my son had a great summer? I am by no means a master at this but here are a few ideas that have helped us juggle ALL THE THINGS!


Make a “To-Do List”

Yes I said it…make the list. But here’s the thing, don’t make it just the boring yucky chores that have to be done. Put the fun on that list too! And make sure there is an even number of fun activities to the chores. We have stuck to no more than 10 items on the list each day. Keep it manageable!


Make it a Family Affair

We make this list together. After a few weeks of online school my son started calling his zoom class time his “meeting”. So we have a morning “meeting” on the deck, with notebook in hand. My son writes his fun list. I make the chores list and then we discuss. We put the items in order and then check them off as we go.

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Schedule Family Meals

My husband is working from home too. While I am self employed, he is not. So we work family meal times around his schedule. Each day we figure out what time lunch and dinner will be based on what works for him. Family meals are important to us so we make it work. If it isn’t possible for your family to do both lunch and dinner pick the one that works best for you. And there are a few rules, no phones and no TV. We usually listen to music which leads to some of us singing along or maybe the occasional dance party.


Create & Agree on a Work Schedule

If I am honest this one is tough for me. Working from home often looks like all hours of the day and night if I am not careful while parking my kid in front of the TV or on his tablet. But I don’t want it that way. I want balance and I need boundaries. So during the times when he is “working” on his chores I am working. It forces me to be extremely focused and has significantly reduced the wasted time in my day.


Have Fun!!!!

I had him add the fun in the schedule because I need it too. He will only be little once (don’t tell him I called him little – he will be so mad!). While I have this extra time with him I want to make the most of it. I pray I am a good example to him of how to work hard, parent well and have lots of fun along the way.

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If this was helpful share it with a friend. And drop me a comment on one way you are adjusting to work at home life balance this summer.


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