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How to Transition Your Home from Your Holiday Decor

by Suzanne M. Harvey


You may or may not be ready to part with the Christmas tree yet. Soon enough you will take it down & put it away. And all of the sudden your home will look a little bare. There is a simple way that you can transition your space from Christmas to winter without feeling like it is completely naked!


Keep a bit of the holiday look by using a few items that are more winter inspired then specifically Christmas. Greenery with berries & pines cones on the mantle is a great options. Simply remove the stockings and leave the greenery and lights. Or maybe a little fake snow to add to the winter feel. These will be perfect for the winter transition. Your space will still have the cozy feel & warm glow just without Santa, stockings & reindeer.


Another great option for transitioning your holiday decorating to winter is pulling in gold & silver accents> And bonus you will be right on trend. A little mixed metal trend with be perfect for your winter look. Simply add a few ornaments in a bowl to your coffee table or some candlesticks to the mantle. And even a sparkling centerpiece with a touch of metallic glitter & candles will add to the winter feel of your space.

Adding these simple items & removing the dinstinctly Christmas decor will help your space make a beautiful transition to your winter look. And without your space looking empty after the Christmas season. Now you are on your way to a beautiful transition to those cold winter days with a warm & cozy design.



  1. Lillian H Floyd on January 9, 2021 at 7:51 pm

    Excellent suggestion Suzanne. You are so good.

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