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How to Set Up the Perfect Work Area for Your Kids

by Suzanne M. Harvey


What a crazy time we are living in right now. As all of us have been kept at home, many families are now ‘home school’ families. Here are a few simple tips for setting up their work area with functionality & fun.

#1 – Use a table or a desk

Find a desk or folding table that can be the designated spot for school work each day. If it can be in a guest bedroom or office space great. But don’t sweat it if it’s in the middle of the kitchen. We are all doing the best we can right now with what we have.

#2 – Storage Solutions

This will help you keep your sanity in the next few months. Get a plastic file box with a lid. This will be the place your kids can store their books and supplies when they are not doing schoolwork. It will allow you to have some organization and will teach them some organizing skills – WIN WIN!!

#3 – Get out of the kitchen

Like I said before, if you can do this in a guest bedroom or office space or even the basement that is great. Depending on your home this may not be possible. But getting it out of the kitchen is a great option to help maintain a set space to work & a separate space to eat.

#4 – Get them involved

Let them set up their space. That may be a new set of folders (these items are still available online – thank you Amazon!). Have your kids create a work space that they will enjoy. It will make them more likely to go there and get their schoolwork done without you yelling or screaming.

#5 – Have fun

This is my favorite tip – have fun!! This could be a silly emoji picture or family saying posted in their work area. Get them to create a spirit week schedule with silly outfits each day. Or have theme make lunch every day with a theme. Whatever you can do to engage your child and create some laughter right now will be a benefit to your whole house.


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