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How to save tons of money on your next renovation?

by Suzanne M. Harvey


The house projects were mostly done during the winter when I was growing up. As I got older it was major renovations – new bathrooms, additions & full updates. No wonder I became an interior designer.

Often in the winter months, we start to think about the next home project? Maybe an update in the family room or a full renovation in the kitchen. A home renovation can be daunting to get started.

You have hired a contractor for your project. You have an idea of the finished project. After a few meetings with the contractor, your project gets underway. But then you hit a road block. Many things could go wrong. It could be an issue with the materials. Or it could be an electrical issue. These discoveries can cost you tons of time & thousands of dollars. And you don’t know how you are going to keep going.

There is no way to avoid all issues that arise in a home project. But having an expert in your corner during your renovation it will make all the difference. And save you thousands of dollars & lots of time.

By taking the time & making the investment to hire a designer at the beginning of the project will save you tons of money & time. Our job is to take our experience and help you see what is possible and help you avoid common problems. Starting a project with a designer & a contractor on your team will make it a much smoother project with a beautiful outcome.


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