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Hello Again

by Suzanne M. Harvey

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It’s been awhile….that’s what happens when you move.  All of the sudden your routines go out the window and you scramble to get back to normal! We are still deep in renovations & it is taking more time than I wanted.  Yes even this designer has unrealistic expectations and schedules. 🙂 Throw a two year old (AKA my design assistant) & a dog in the mix and who knows what may happen.


So here we go…the latest and greatest on our renovation journey.

In typical fashion for me, we have a multitude of projects going all at once.  The Master bath is underway, just waiting on some glass, final painting and electrical. Our main bath has some tile work to be done and installing of the accessories then it will be ready.  In the kitchen, our new granite counters have been installed and I have a new stove.

As we approach the final elements of this renovation here is a sneak peek of some of the great elements in the master bath

If a person can be in love with an inanimate object this is it!!!  I love my baths & this is the perfect tub.  It is nice & deep so there is plenty of room for lots of bubbles.  Plus the overall size (72 x 36) makes it a great choice no matter your height.  I prefer a simple  soaking tub – no jets, no lights, just simple & straight forward. Keeping the future owners in mind this tub will last for years to come and there will be no worries about leaks or problems with those crazy jets!!


clover house 010 copy

Whether you move once in a blue moon or every other year like I do, it is important to leave your mark on your home.  I always suggest a little touch here and there that are those details you love.  Metallic tiles are making a surge in popularity and make a great statement in small accents.  I love this tile because it has that glimmer of bronze / gold combined with light and dark browns.  BONUS – it’s a ceramic tile sheet so it makes for easy install.  This is my accent in this space to pop from the neutral backdrop.  It is seen in the vertical stripe in the tub surround & in the storage niche only.  If you use it too much it loses the impact!  Less is more 🙂

We are enjoying this space already and will be thrilled when the room is finally finished.  Just a few more days now!

Thanks for following me on this crazy journey.  Hope this will inspire and encourage you
whether you are on the move or just sprucing up your current space.

Continuing the journey…

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  1. Rebekah on August 21, 2013 at 2:06 am

    Loving all this cute humor and great tips! The bathroom renovation is looking great! Keep up the good work!

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