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Gift Wrapping Like a Designer – 3 Easy Steps

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Are you already overwhelmed at the thought of wrapping all the gifts this year? Do you want the gifts under your tree to look beautiful but don’t even know where to start? Here are my 3 easy steps for making those gifts look amazing under your tree without losing your mind!


Pick A Signature Color

The first step is to pick a color for your wrapping paper theme. Don’t stress about this. You can get inspiration from your ornaments on your tree, your favorite color or the colors of the season (hello red & green). Whatever inspires you go for it. What an easy 1st step. Now you are ready to move on.

Pick 3 Different Wrapping Papers

Here is where the fun really begins. Find a solid (no pattern) wrapping paper in the color you selected as your signature color. I like to find this paper that has a sparkle or shine to it – it’s Christmas! And Christmas needs sparkle & shine.

Your 2nd paper choice should be a small, simple pattern. This is a great one to do a stripe, check or plaid. And just remeber your signature color needs to be in this paper somewher. It doesn’t have to be the background color just somewhere on the paper.

And last but not least you need to pick your 3rd paper. I want you to get crazy here. Go big bold patterns, maybe some text and lots of sparkle. Be daring, it’s only wrapping paper and will be gone before you know it.


Rock Those Embellishments

Pulling it all together, grab some ribbon & bows. I love the boxes from Target. They do all the heavy lifting and give you several sizes and shades of bows and ribbon. Keep your embellishments simple! Wrap a little ribbon around the package and add a self stick bow. Sometimes I even use a metallic sharpie to write the too & from. These are meant to be simple accessories so the wrapping paper can be the star of the show.

BONUS – Wrapping for the Kids

One more tip to help you out. Get some crazy fun wrapping paper for the kids presents. No embellishments needed on these. Keep it simple. Then when the kids run to the tree on Christmas morning they will know exactly which ones are theirs or are from Santa ;). Our favorite paper has sharks with Santa hats… life as a boy mom!

Take these simple steps to wrap like a designer. It will look like Santa’s elves showed up and did all the work. But make sure you take all the credit. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Post on IG and tag me so I can see your beautiful pacakges.

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