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Farmhouse Style is Not for Everyone

by Suzanne M. Harvey

farmhouse style example with coat hooks, photo by jonny caspari from

Everywhere you look you will see rustic farmhouse style. In the magazines, in the home stores and on TV, it is the hot trend. But let’s be honest, farmhouse style is not for everyone and it does not work in every home. 

I am not a hater by any means, it just doesn’t always work in every home. If you love it, you can have it.  Just keep in mind the overall style of your home and lifestyle. If it doesn’t suit the style of your home (i.e. the exterior is Spanish style or colonial four square) it can create a visual disconnect that will start to bother you. Nobody needs a home that makes them angry!  Each element of your home needs to be functional first and pretty, second.

Are you wondering how to add the farmhouse style you love to your home? Here are few simple and beautiful ways to add this popular style to your home today!


Accessories are the simplest way to get that farmhouse look.  Find some wood & metal pieces – maybe a shelf or cake stand in the kitchen; add ceramic containers in the bathroom or chicken wire baskets in the bedroom to create that farmhouse look. These items can be found at Target, Home Goods and other home stores. Another great option is auctions…often you can find these pieces from the original source – an old farmhouse – often at a much better price. These items will have a story to go with them. A little history & age to a piece makes it even more beautiful.

farmhouse style example with burlap table runner, lanterns and silver chargers - photo by hannah busing from


I love reclaimed wood! It has character and texture. It has a story (notice a theme?? I love a good story).  It can be added to a room as an accent – covering one wall; a mantel over the fireplace; a ceiling design. Or you can put it on the floor for the authentic farmhouse look.  Reclaimed wood is available from several sources around the country. You can also check with local farms – often then are willing to sell siding and beams from barns that are falling apart or being torn down.

farmhouse style example with rustic chandelier, photo by camylla battani from


Look for furniture made of wood or metal. You can add these elements to any room for that touch of farmhouse style. A wrought iron bed with simple curved lines or a rustic wood side table are great options. In a kitchen add a large farm style table to complete the look.

Farmhouse style is rustic & simple. Make sure to keep it that way. Your home doesn’t need to be farm house top to bottom to be beautiful and functional. A little searching for just the right items can be a fun adventure and save you money. Don’t be afraid to look for items in unexpected places…maybe even grandma’s house.  By adding key pieces in these 3 ways, you will have a beautifully curated look that will be on trend and have you loving your space.


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