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Family Tree Traditions

by Suzanne M. Harvey

Family Tree Traditions

I have a confession…I am obsessed with Christmas.  When I see trees and lights my pulse starts to race.  Yes I will admit it is a little crazy. I love this time of year!  In our home we usually have somewhere between 4-6 decorated trees.  Each has it’s own color scheme and presents beautifully wrapped in coordinating paper.  See I told you – a little obsessed.  For me as a designer it is fun to try something new and use the unexpected.  Trees are a great way to experiment and express myself.  But the tree that brings me the most joy is our sentimental tree.  It began when we first got married and has continued until today.  Everyone should have family tree traditions.

So here it is….Family Tree Traditions


This crazy little tree makes me smile every time we start to decorate it.  Just a simple 6′ tree with added lights.  As we open the boxes of decorations we carefully pull each one out and the stories begin.  Do you remember our trip here?  And wasn’t this one from my aunt?  Didn’t I buy this one for our house in…(pick the state, we probably lived there ;)?  So now you know why this tree is so important in our sea of trees.  It is about the memories.  We have ornaments from when we were kids, most trips we have taken, ornaments that were gifts and now we have some that our little guy has made at school.  We spend a few hours reminiscing and remembering while making memories for the future.  What a precious gift!  In the busyness of the season this is our time to slow down and take a stroll down memory lane.


A few of my favorites…

Family Tree Traditions




A beautiful reminder of our trip to Paris!





Family Tree Traditions



From the Biltmore in Asheville, NC (one of our favorite places to visit – especially at Christmas)





Family Tree Traditions



Each time we have a new house I buy a ‘new home’ ornament.  This one is for the last house in Ohio.  Can’t wait to purchase a new one for next Christmas!




Family Tree Traditions



                                                     A little homage to my addiction 😉






Family Tree Traditions




A little some for the little guy!




Family Tree Traditions




A special one little man made for me.





Making a beautiful house for the holidays is easy but my hope is that this will encourage you to make a beautiful home by spending time with those you love and creating special memories that will last for years to come.  So get to it!  Go create your own family tree traditions!

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