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Fall Decorating on a Budget: 5 Tips to Get You Inspired & Save You Money

by Suzanne M. Harvey


The leaves are falling and the days are sunny & warm. But the nights are getting that chill in the air. It is finally FALL! It might be my favorite season of all. And it is so much fun to decorate this time of year. It could be pumpkins & gourds or mums & leaves. Bringing these natural elements into your home helps sets the stage for cozy evenings in front of the fireplace and is our cue that Thanksgiving is on it’s way.

Seasonal decorating can be so much fun. You go into your favorite stores and see beautiful wreaths, pumpkins and all things fall. And you want to buy it ALL! Time for real talk here, we have bills to pay & groceries to buy – we can’t spend all the money on decorations.

Here are a few of my favorite tips to help you create a beautiful fall design in your home and not break the bank!

1 – Layer Your Wreath

We all love those big beautiful front door wreaths. And they can get expensive! This wreath started with a small wreath with fall colored leaves. Attaching it to an inexpensive grape vine wreath adds bulk without adding a lot of cost. Then layer in a few pumpkin & burlap leaves for some texture. And finally, add a simple or glittery initial or monogram. This one is an inexpensive paper mache letter with some spray paint and attached it with some floral wire.

2 – Mix real and faux

Pumpkins are a must for fall décor. But they will rot! To create a grouping of pumpkins, use a combination of real ones & faux ones from the craft store. Then you are paying for half of them one time and can use them for years to come. And with so many colors, textures & sizes you can get a good variety without breaking the bank.

3 – Add Texture

Create visual interest by adding something with a different texture. It could be a yarn covered pumpkin, a burlap wreath or a beautiful wooden sign. Mixing up the texture adds visual interest and makes you look a design pro! If you find some pumpkins with lumps and bumps grab those too. And a woodland creature or two never hurts.



This has been the biggest savings for me. I get pumpkins, gourds and straw from a local farm. Not a big fancy farm but a simple out of the way farm. They charge by the pound on pumpkins and have the most beautiful heirloom pumpkins. And every shape and shade imaginable. We make this visit a family affair and ride the tractor out to the patch to make our selections. Nothing better than family fun and saving money!

5 – Layer Fabrics

With all the natural elements in Fall décor you will need some soft edges too. Adding a cozy throw in fall colors to your furniture instantly makes you want to curl up with a good book and a coffee. And who doesn’t love a decorative pillow? Buy pillow covers for your sofa pillows. They are less expensive and they there is no guilt when you want to switch them out for every season & every holiday.

BONUS TIP: Shop out of season

This tip will save you so much money. Always buy items from the craft store out of season. Your pumpkins, wreaths, and fall accents will be 50-70% off at the end of the season. Sometimes you have to get creative and plan ahead but the savings in so worth it. Most of my faux pumpkins were purchased just before the Christmas decor comes out.

These tips will save you time and money and help you create a beautiful Fall spot in your home. Keep it simple and don’t get overwhelmed. You don’t need to decorate every inch of your home inside and out. Pick a few key spots like the front porch, mantle, foyer, kitchen table for greater impact. You can do more in a smaller spot and make it a focal point.  Have fun decorating and let’s see those swoon worthy pics on social!


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