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Dressing a Beautiful Bed

by Suzanne M. Harvey

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I recently saw an article about the one household chore that makes us happy.  Really??!! Is there any household chore that makes us happy — I don’t think so.  The article was based on research done by author Gretchen Rubin for her books on happiness.  According to her research the one thing that people did that made them happy was making their bed.  While I am not convinced that making your bed will make you happy I think it will help you feel more organized and ready to face the day.

The key pieces needed for dressing a beautiful bed are sheets, a quilt or coverlet, pillows, shams, decorative pillows and a blanket.  Bed dressing designs can be very simple to over-the-top.  I like balance in my life so my approach to dressing a beautiful bed is some place in the middle.  I think this creates a beautiful bed that you won’t mind making or sleeping in.  So here are the key elements for dressing a beautiful bed.

#1 – Sheets

Start with 2 sets of sheets – one solid and one pattern.  Having two sets will help with laundry! Sheet sets can be very expensive and I do not recommend that you spend a fortune on sheets. Watch for sales and always check clearance areas.  The key is they need to be comfortable, durable and pretty. OK so the last one is the designer in me!  Why buy something – even sheets – if it doesn’t look good.  So look for sheets that are colors or patterns that you like but will also be a good value.  Some of my favorites have been found at Target and JC Penney.  I am always checking the clearance areas for sheet sets.  Get a deal.  Don’t break the bank on sheets.


#2 – Quilt / Coverlet

Dressing Bed 002 copy



I prefer a simple quilt or coverlet for my beds.  A neutral, solid color is the best canvas for dressing a beautiful bed.  It is easy to get distracted by bold designs and crazy colors but a neutral bed covering will give you the most value.  You can get your color and pattern in the extras on the bed if you have a neutral backdrop.  Plus this will get you the most bang for your buck.  For my bed I purchased a light weight taupe quilt.  The quilting is a floral pattern so it has visual interest and will coordinate with any color or pattern that strikes my fancy!


#3 – Shams

Dressing Bed 004 copy

This is where your creativity starts to shine.  You have a neutral backdrop with your quilt so bring in color, pattern and/or texture with the shams.  Standard or Euro size both work beautifully on a queen size bed.  I love to use a mixture of standard and Euro sizes on my bed. For me it’s about creating layers so I start with a standard sham that matches my quilt.  The Euro shams are where I bring in color and pattern.  I love a strong pop of color and pattern to really bring the design to life!

#4 – Decorative Pillows


Dressing Bed 010 copy

So this is it…finally the spot you can let your creativity run wild!  Add sizes, colors, textures, patterns.  This is where anything goes!  Decorative pillows can get very expensive so watch for sales.  Another tip here – buy pillows that have covers.  Then you can just buy a new cover and save money using the same insert for a whole new look!  Pottery Barn has some great sales on pillow covers.  So when that new style or color – like 2014’s passion for purple – you can get on the train without busting the budget!Dressing Bed 012 copy


With these four elements you are ready to start dressing a beautiful bed.  A bed that will make you want to curl up and stay awhile.  This will set the stage for your calm and restful retreat. It is the perfect, budget-friendly way to create a space that has your signature.  So get out there and create the bed of your dreams.  I can’t wait to see your beautiful creations so make sure to check in on Facebook and post your pics!

Until next time…sweet dreams.

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