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Designer Picks for Hostess Gifts

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Whether we are ready or not the holidays are zooming toward us at light speed.  Gone are the days of anxiously anticipating the arrival of Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Now as soon as Halloween is past we are bombarded with the sights and sounds of the impending holidays! With that comes so many fun and festive parties.  And so many hostess gifts.  So here are my designer picks for hostess gifts.  These gifts  are sure to guarantee your invite for next year.

stoneware RedEnvelope-1

1. Serving Pieces

This is one of my favorites.  Most parties these days are a joint effort where each guest is asked to bring something to share.  So let’s find a beautiful plate or bowl for our goodies and leave it for the hostess.  These beautiful options from Red Envelope can be personalized for an extra special touch!


Fur Wine Bag _ Pottery Barn-1 copy


2. Beer / Wine / Other Favorite Beverage

So here is the key with this one.  Don’t expect the hostess to open your gift and share it at the party.  It may not go with the planned menu.  Plus this is a gift for the hostess – for her to enjoy later – not for her to have to share.  Also make sure it is something she will like – make it her favorite not yours!  One last note on this one…presentation is everything.  Check out these beautiful bottle bags from Pottery Barn.  Make it festive and fun!


Herb & Garlic Wreath _ Williams-Sonoma-1

3. Flowers

Everyone loves to get flowers.  Keep in mind your hostess will be overwhelmed with the details of the party so don’t bring fresh flowers.  It will be one more thing she will have to take care of.  Instead bring a beautiful dried arrangement or better yet…have it delivered after the party with a note of thanks for a great time.  I love these wreaths from Williams Sonoma.




4. Soap Gift Sets

Here is one that can be a help to the hostess and also a gift.  With so many extra people in your home you will need more soap.  So some nice fancy soap that you didn’t have to purchase is always nice.  With these lovely gift sets from Mistral your hostess can enjoy some beautiful soaps….and so can her guests.


Seattle Chocolates1


Really is there any better gift than chocolate!  Not in my book.  Seattle Chocolates has a great selection at every price point for you to say thanks for a great party.  And the best part…when you share they do too!  They have a wonderful program running now that donates to a local when you make a purchase.  Is there anything better than enjoying yummy chocolate and giving to those less fortunate?  Sounds like a perfect combination.


Hope these designer picks for hostess gifts have inspired you to remember your hostesses this year with a little something special to say thanks!  Enjoy the festive and fun times with friends and family during this busy holiday season!

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