Having Trouble Drinking All that Water? Try these 4 hacks to make it easier for you to drink your water EVERYDAY.


It’s a new year and we have lots of goals to get us healthy. One big one is to drink more water. The ‘experts’ vary on how much water you should drink. Is it 8- 8 ounce glasses for 64 ounces? Or is it half your body weight in ounces? Who knows!!! But we can all agree that drinking more water is good for you. And sometimes it’s just hard to drink all that boring water. Here are a few of my fav tips for making it more fun & possible to drink all that water each and every day.

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Self Care Is NOT Selfish: Why it’s the Best Way to Show Love


As women we have gotten the idea that we it is selfish to take time for ourselves. These ideas are perpetrated from external sources but most often they come from the voice in our head. That voice tells us we need to be all things to all people all the time. It tells us we have unlimited energy, creativity & time. And we can do all this with little to no sleep, eating on the run (whatever we can grab) and never asking for help. This is crazy talk and we need a reality reset. Self care is NOT selfish.

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