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All Decked Out

by Suzanne M. Harvey

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Our family loves to be outside in warm weather.  We especially love grilling and eating our meals outside.  But sometimes our deck feels uninspiring and kind of messy.  So with the break in the weather (finally!) I decided it was time to get out and show my deck some love.  It was time to get all decked out.

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All Decked Out

 Here is how I got our deck ‘all decked out’…

1.  Prep the deck

Your deck will need a good cleaning to prepare for the summer months.  A good pressure washer can be purchased or rented at your local home improvement store.  Once it is a clean and shiny check the finish…it may need a new coat of stain or paint.  If painting I always recommend porch paint.  It is designed to be outside and will hold up to the wear and tear from walking on it.  Pick a neutral color that will blend with your house or a pop of contrasting color if you feel adventurous!


2. Get some outdoor furniture or update what you have

If you are getting ready to buy new furniture make sure to buy good quality and make sure it is something you will enjoy for a long time.  Any material you like is fine.  I prefer metal because I can easily change the color when the mood strikes. 😉  We’ve had our set for more than 10 years and I still love it!  The set is a classic ‘wrought iron’ look in a black matte finish.  So this year for an update I change the finish to a high gloss.  With a little scrubbing and several cans of spray paint, I have brand new looking pieces.


All Decked Out

3.  Figure out your placement

Now your deck and furniture are prepped and ready to go.  Take a look at how much room you have and place your furniture.  Try it a few different ways to see what works best.  Or if you are a crazy designer like me you can sketch it out first. 😉


4. Pick your accent colors

Here’s the fun part.  Take a look at your house and deck colors and find some accent colors. To find your accent colors you have to decide if you want the accessories to blend in with the other colors or if you them to POP!  As a designer I find inspiration in magazines and local stores.  Go look and see what accessories are available in your area and what you like.  My best piece of advice is keep it simple.  Pick one or two colors and stick to those.  Then next year if you changed your mind it will be easy to switch up.All Decked Out

5.  Buy some accessories

Now you have your color or two – time to go shopping.  For our deck I started with cushions to the chairs.  Since our house is all in the earth tone palette I felt like we need some color in the accessories.  I love soft, mossy greens it blends so well with the existing palette plus what is more appealing to the eye outside but green!  I also chose green because I have some gorgeous plates to set the table with.  There are some amazing options available and breakable and non-breakable styles (use melamine if entertaining with kiddos).  I picked up a new umbrella in a neutral tone with lots of texture.  The final touches were some colorful pillows for the glider and an outdoor rug.

All Decked Out

6.  ENJOY!!!!

Now that my deck is “All Decked Out” I am ready to enjoy some yummy grilled food and make some wonderful memories with family and friends.  Because that’s what all of this is for…creating a great space to spend time with those we love.

Are you feeling inspired now?  Get out there and find some outdoor inspiration.  Make sure to post with ideas you are trying to get your backyard ALL DECKED OUT!!

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