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How to Add Trendy Colors to Your Home & Have it Last

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Every year new colors are put out by paint companies, fashion & design. They are often bold and beautiful. And everyone wants to add them to their home. So what do you do if you want to add that trendy color and not have it be out of style next year? Here are a few ways to add the trendy colors to your home and have them last.


#1 – Paint a Room or Door

Paint is a fun and simple way to bring color to a space. And it is a cost effective way to incorporate these trendy colors. It is low cost and high impact – without a long term commitment. Don’t love it in 6 months or a year? You can change it. If it is a bold & bright color, consider painting an accent wall or add trim in a decorative pattern on the wall and only paint inside the lines. Or maybe it is the perfect color to splash on your front door.

#2 – Add Accessories

This is the easiest way to add that trendy color to any space. Get pillows or throws for your sofa in that vibrant tone. Or add artwork on the wall with that gorgeous new hue. Or a new duvet for your bed. Maybe a rug. The possibilities for accessories are endless. And shopping at your favorite home store keeps this a budget friendly option. Especially when you want to change it next year when the new hot color has changed.


#3 – Find a Muted Version of the Color

Sometimes no matter how much we love the trendy color it just doesn’t go in our space. Don’t worry you can still give a nod to the trend. Find a shade of the color to bring in instead. Sometimes the muted tones are more user friendly and have much more staying power.

Trends are fun to play with but don’t fit everywhere and don’t last forever. So tip toe into the color waters and find ways to bring them into your space. And have fun! Home design doesn’t have to be serious or crazy. Find something that reflects you and your style and go for it. You too can add trendy colors to your home and have it last.

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