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2019 Trends Still Hot in 2020

by Suzanne M. Harvey

Do you love reading home magazines and watching HGTV? Do you love trends but you are afraid to try them out in your space? Have you tried them before and now your home reflects a specific decade? No fear! I am here to share my top 3 current trends that are here to stay…at least for the next few years.

#1 – Mixed Metals

This trend can be seen everywhere. In jewelry, fashion, home decor, even automobiles. While this trend has been around for a few years, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. The relaxed eclectic approach to all things design spurs on this trend. So if all your cabinet hardware is bronze and you just love that new light with the antique brass finish GO FOR IT!!!

Mixed metals make a beautiful match in this kitchen.

#2 – Color

While many magazines are still highlighting the all white kitchen, trends are heading to color in bold beautiful ways. Deep rich navy blues, vibrant teals & velvety reds are popping up everywhere. These colors bring life to any space and create a customized look that reflects your style & personality. A bit shy about committing to such a strong color…grab a shade or two lighter and put it on the wall. Paint on a wall is the perfect way to bring color to the space without the time & money commitment of furnishings or cabinets.

The bold color of the cabinets brings this space to life.

#3 – Natural Elements

Nothing warms the interior of a room more than a natural element. Of course you are thinking wood floors, wood furniture, stone fireplaces. Now you have so many more options available to incorporate this trend. New lighting options, wall coverings & accessories can be used to bring this trend to life in your space.

Natural elements shown in the chair & decorative accents.

The beauty of design today is that the choice is yours. No longer are we bound by rules or ways. Design is all about creating a space that brings optimal functioning wrapped in the beauty that makes you happy.


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