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Work Life Balance is Impossible: 3 Ways to Make It All Work

by Suzanne M. Harvey

Updated 2/12/2024

We have all said it, “I am trying to find work life balance”. It sounds amazing. The perfect flow between work and home and all the expectations we have for ourselves as moms and business owners. But as the business woman, Romi Neustadt says, “You can have it all but not at the same damn time!” (PS she wrote a great book [of the same name] all about this, make sure to check it out).  That is the harsh reality. We can have it all but not all at the same time. Sometimes our energy & efforts will be focused on home and sometimes we will be fully immersed in work. Finding work life balance is impossible but here are 3 ways you can make it all work.

We don’t have to throw this dream of balance out the window. There is hope when we reset our expectations.

Reset #1 – Determine if this is a season to focus on home or business.


If you have a product launch coming or a big event coming up, this will require more commitment of time and energy to your business. Or maybe your child is struggling in school. This would be the time that your presence at home is critical. Setting the expectation for yourself and with your family that this is just a season will help create harmony inside you and inside your family.

Reset #2 – Get Help!

This is such a hard part for women – and even harder for moms. We are taught from an early age that we need to take care of our house and our family. This morphs into this crazy idea that we must have spotless homes, perfectly groomed children, amazing home cooked meals on the table every night and we have to look like we stepped off a runway all the time. Let that crazy go!!!! It is a fantasy, not based in reality. You cannot do all the things. And it is perfectly acceptable and sometimes very necessary to get help with some stuff around the house. That could be childcare. Or hot meals delivered. Or a cleaning crew. Whatever will help you focus your attention on the highest priority – DO IT!


Reset #3 – Say No

Sometimes you simply need to say NO. That one word is a complete sentence. Additional explanation is not required. When others (even family) are used to having you do something all the time or be at some event, sometimes you have to say no. It will be hard. It will feel terrible and you will feel an avalanche of guilt…but do it anyway. One of the hardest part of having a family and building a business is letting go of the good to get to the great. The guilt never completely goes away but I promise it gets easier.

While finding work life balance is impossible, you will discover the right flow that works for you, your business and your family. A little trial and error plus a bit of grace and lots of team work will get you there. Time to reset those expectations and find your flow.


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