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What I Learned While Waiting for My Starbucks Order?

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Recently I was waiting for my mobile order at my local Starbucks and it was taking longer than usual. With these extra minutes I began to observe those around me. So many were frustrated, fidgety and full of anxiety – because they had to wait to their coffee. Many of these people were heading to work and waiting a few extra minutes was going to make them late. And their anxiety poured out onto the other customers and the baristas. What I learned while waiting for my Starbucks order was to be thankful for my roller coaster entrepreneur journey.

How often does our frustration & anxiety translate to poor behavior toward other people? These baristas were working as fast as they could during the morning rush, taking care of their customers. They were met with huffing, puffing, eye rolls and way too much passive aggressive behavior. But as I began to think about all of this, the deeper issue came to light. And it had nothing to do with coffee or waiting.

What was the deeper issue? Our rushed lives leave no margin, no space for unexpected delays and leave us feeling completely anxious. It all made me pause to consider, how was I acting in this situation? At first when I entered the store I was frustrated too. Then I remembered I work for myself and I don’t punch a clock. I am only held to my schedule – the one I create. I could take a few extra minutes to get my coffee. No reason for me to be in a hurry. Then I could give lots of grace to those around me. I wasn’t harried or hurried. But that pattern of hurry and frustration is so ingrained from past experiences. If I don’t pause and remind myself I could have been that customer, angry about waiting and taking it out on the baristas.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. There are so many ups and downs and so many unknowns that can create anxiety. This morning I am thankful for being an entrepreneur. I can wait for my coffee, extend lots of grace to those around me and show my appreciation for the baristas. I left there with my coffee, a deeply felt thank you and a smile.

Working to create a less hectic schedule will allow you to approach the delays of the day with more grace and less anxiety. And that is a great way to live and work.

I am thankful I took the leap to start my own online business. After a decade running a traditional business I needed a change. I found that with a turn key online business. It allowed me to create a flexible plan that helps me contribute in a meaningful way ( impact & income) and have a better flow for my family. And it has made the entrepreneur roller coaster all worth it. Maybe it’s time for you to consider a new career path or starting your own business? If you are considering a change and would like more information on a turn key online business for your sefl and your family, schedule a discovery call with me TODAY.

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