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Stop calling yourself a mompreneur

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Mompreneur is word that has been floating around since the 1990s but has gained so much traction in the last decade. It even made it into the dictionary! The definition according to the Oxford dictionary is a woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children. That definitely describes me. And many women I know who own businesses. So what’s so bad about this word and why should we as women & business owners & moms stop using it? Here’s why it’s time to stop calling yourself a mompreneur.

First it is a bit of an equality issue – we don’t call dads who own businesses pop-preneurs. There are plenty of dads these days that are running businesses and taking care of kids. Let’s stop with the clarifying language. We don’t need it. We don’t need these titles, period!

Second this ‘made-up’ word completely de-values both of these critically important roles. Somehow it seems a little “less than” on both sides. I am proud to be a mom and I am proud to be an entrepreneur. And both these roles are of the utmost importance to me and my family. It’s kind of like when someone says, “Oh you just work at home” or “you’re just a mom”. There is no ‘just’ about it. We highly value them both and they both deserve their proper place & priority.


And the most important reason that we need to kick this word to the curb…it sets us up to think we can do both at the same time and rock it. Here’s the reality check, none of us can do both these roles at amazing levels at the SAME TIME. It’s impossible. When I am working, I have to stay focused or my work suffers. And I cannot take my son to a client meeting. I will constantly be watching him to make sure he isn’t getting into anything because he is bored.

When we try to wear this multi-role “hat” we set ourselves up to create an expectation for ourselves that is unattainable. And our minds will get the best of us every time. Throwing us into the crazy mindset swirl and land us right in the center of mom guilt.


So there I said it. Time to drop this marketing ploy title that somebody made up because it sounded cute & catchy. Time to stop calling yourself a mompreneur. You are a rockstar mom & entrepreneur. And this title will no longer devalue our most important jobs. You are more than any title! You will be happier for it and your kids will notice (even the littlest ones).

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