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How to Know You’re Ready to Start Your Business

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Does this describe you? You have this ‘thing’ that everyone always asks you for help with. Or you have this ‘thing’ everyone asks you to make. Then someone says you should start a business doing this. And your first response is no. No one would pay me for that. Or worse, I could never charge for that…It’s too easy. And then you start thinking about it. Even dreaming about it. And you wonder if you really could make this a business not just a hobby. And that is when fear creeps in…you are not sure you can make any money doing this. Starting a business requires risk. Sometimes a lot of risk. And with risk there is fear. How you face that fear will help you know if the time has come to take the leap and go for it.

So here are 3 ways to know you are ready to face your fear and start a business…


1 – You can’t imagine not doing this every single day.

Hear me when I say this – no business is all unicorns & rainbows when you do what you love. It is hard work! And sometimes not fun work. And it may take a long time to grow it. If you wake up and can’t wait to get at it and your tone and voice & face lights up pay attention. That thing that lights up your soul is ‘your’ thing. Go for it!

2 – You keep seeing “signs”.

I firmly believe your business is your calling. It is not just a way to make money. It is a passion driven desire. And if this is a calling you will see signs in the most unexpected places. Not when you are looking for them. It may be a friend saying “You should do this for a living” when you hadn’t ever mentioned it to them (or anyone). Or it could be a something you read in a book or see on TV. Signs can and do show up in the most unexpected places. Be on the lookout for the arrows that are pointing the way.


3 – There is a need for your product / service in the market.

Every once in awhile there is an idea or service that is completely missing from the marketplace and the world needs it. Think about the services & products you can’t imagine your life without…then see if this ‘thing’ you have fits the bill. But hear me out – it could be that there are a million of what you have out there. Often it is your way of doing it or presenting it that is missing in the current marketplace. Everyone has a unique take on a solution because of experiences, education or need. Sometimes the need is simply your voice in the conversation.

At the end of the day, you may never be fully convinced you should risk it. But I firmly believe that you were called to make a difference and even when you can’t see what the future holds, you just have to leap. The world needs your unique approach and your voice.

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Suzanne Harvey

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