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4 Reasons You Should Start a Home Based Business

by Suzanne M. Harvey


It’s the beginning of a new year. Everyone is ready for a clean slate and a new start. There is so much momentum to start or restart and tackle that list of crazy, hairy, scary goals. Maybe you are considering starting something new – like a side business to build extra financial security for your family alongside your full time job. Maybe you have a hobby that you love and all your friends say you could sell that. The options and opportunities are limitless. Your mind is whirring with excitement mixed with fear. It’s exhilirating and terrifying to think about the idea. Your not sure what to do. This is your sign to take the leap! Plus 4 reasons you should start a home based business.

#1 – You can leverage online options

The #1 reason you should start a home based business is the plethora of online options for sharing your business and ecommerce possibilities.There has never been a better time to start a business with so many ways to do business online. You can do everything online from selling a product, providing a service (think coaching, teaching, encouraging) and unlimited affiliate marketing opportunities. Whatever your business idea you can execute it online and create a viable business. It is a low cost, low risk option, especially starting out. Maybe your dream includes stores or in person events, you can test your business idea online before taking it in person and reduce your financial risk. And if you want to exclusively work from home you have every option available with technology and social platforms. Plus you can reach an audience outside of your local area, expanding your reach and impact.

#2 – You can work it around your current job

Most 1st time entreprenuers start their business as a side gig. It allows you to grow and make sure it is viable before putting all your eggs in that basket. Then there’s not so much pressure while you are building. Having the security of steady income, benefits & vacation from your job allows you to be relaxed as your business grows. Whether you love your 9 to 5 and just want a creative outlet or you are building to be able to leave your 9 to 5, a home based business can easily work around your current job schedule and demands.

#3 – You need more income to cover existing expenses

The cost of living continues to rise and yet raises at a traditional job are not increasing at the same pace. Having an extra stream of income gives you the extra you need. It can also be a means to save for large expenses (a new car, down payment for a house, a college fund or retirement). Maybe it pays for sports, dance classes or your selfcare plan. Whatever you need the extra funds for, starting a home based business and the extra income it provides can give you choices about how you want to live.

#4 – You want more choice over your time

I don’t know that we can ‘control’ our time but we can manage it more efficiently. With the breathing room created from additional income you can more easily decide how you use your time. It may even be the key to allowing you to leave your 9 to 5 and make a bigger impact with your home based business. Whatever your goals and dreams, a side business creates the freedom to choose how you spend your time and that is such a gift.

If you have been considering a home based business there is no time like the present to dip your toe in and give it a try. Maybe one of these reasons resonated with you. Take some time to evaluate your options and brainstorm. You might be surprised what you dicover. And you might just find that it changes your life.

Are you taking the leap this year? Connect with me and let me know so I can cheer you on.


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