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Why finding work life balance is impossible: 3 Ways to Make It All Work

April 25, 2021

We have all said it, “I am trying to find work life balance”. It sounds amazing. The perfect flow between work and home and all the expectations we have for ourselves as moms and business owners. But as the amazing Romi Neustadt says “You can have it all but not at the same damn time!” (PS she wrote a great book [of the same name] all about this, make sure to check it out). That is the harsh reality. We can have it all but not all at the same time. Sometimes our energy & efforts will be focused on home and sometimes we will be fully immersed in work.

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Helping moms take their passion and build a thriving business without sacrificing their family or their sanity. We all know that moms rule the world. And now more than ever they are running the business world too. But with so many pressures (internal & external) we can get caught in the comparison game and never even make the first step to making our business dreams a reality. Together we will tackle the hard issues with grace and humor. We will provide tips and tricks for creating the business & life you want and cheer you on all the way!


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Suzanne Harvey

I am Suzanne Harvey, woman of faith - boy mom – wife – entrepreneur – interior designer – skincare business owner – lover of music & bulldogs. Like you I love my work AND I love my family. We are all striving for ‘balance’ but let’s be honest – that isn’t possible. But don’t lose hope. Together we will discover ways to create the flow between our two passions – WORK & FAMILY. It is possible to do and we will do it together.