Your Go-To Lip Care Routine

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Do you struggle with extremely dry lips? Whether it is winter or the change of seasons or whatever our lips can get super dry, super irritated. And it’s just really frustrating. You put on your lip, gloss or lipstick and it looks terrible because your lips are not taken care of. Our lips are one of the most delicate areas of skin on our face and they need extra care to remain healthy, smooth & supple. Follow these 4 steps to create your go-to lip care routine. Giving you ageless and healthy-looking lips no matter the season.

Step #1 – Exfoliate

First, we need to do with our lips is make sure they are clean and exfoliated. The best way to do this is (after you’ve brushed your teeth, and your toothbrush is a little damp); gently rub it across your lips. You don’t have to scrub hard, just a little bit of gentle rubbing will take care of that loose dry skin on your lips.

One other thing that you can do, if you don’t want to use your toothbrush that way, you can use a gentle exfoliating paste. Make sure that this is safe for your face because then it’ll be good for your lips. Use a small amount. My go-to exfoliation paste (R+F Microdermabrasion Paste), is a sugar and salt scrub. Apply it on the outside of your lips (keeping it away from the inside edge of your mouth). Once you’ve exfoliated, then take a wet rag and get that all the granules off your lips. This will give you extra exfoliation, too.

Step #2 – Hydrate

Hydrate Your Lips

Then I follow that up with hydrating serum (try Active Hydration Serum). You only need a small amount. Apply carefully over the surface of your lips, being careful to avoid getting it in your mouth. This is going to draw moisture to your lips. It’s really going to plump them up, make them beautiful and take care of that dryness for you.

Step #3 – Protect

Now that you’ve got these lovely lips, we need to protect them. Your next step will be to apply a lip serum. Apply a generous layer to your lips and allow to set for about 15 minutes, make sure it’s good and soaked in so you get maximum benefit. Want a lip serum that hydrates with anti-aging ingredients? Check out Lip Renewing Serum which comes in silver capsules.

Step # 3 – Finish

Your lip care routine is complete, and you can add your favorite lipstick, gloss, or lip balm. For best results look for a finishing lip product that provides anti-aging benefits, with some color, that will also hydrate and provide sun protection like R+F Plumping Lip Oil (if you are looking for a bit of color) or Lip Shield (available in a 2 pack – 1 for home and 1 for your purse).

Bonus Tip

I have one more tip for your lip care routine. Here’s your bonus tip for lips… Use a microderm roller before bed. Very gently roll in a vertical and horizontal motion over clean lips. You do not need to press hard to get the benefit. This will open up the skin on your lips and allow any products you apply to get in deeper. Follow this by applying your lip serum. And again, wait a few minutes to make sure it’s soaked in and head to bed.

Now your products can be working while you are sleep. You’ll wake up with beautiful lips that feel soft, smooth and hydrated.



Prefer these tips video style? Watch here.

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