Wash Your Hair Like A Pro

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Who knew there was a right way to wash your hair for the best results? While I never like to say there is only one right way to do something, these tips can definitely help you take care of your hair and get the best results from your products. Plus, you will end up with gorgeous hair! Are you ready to wash your hair like a pro? Let’s get started.

Pro Tip #1 – Wash in warm water.

That’s right, you don’t have to take a cold shower to take care of your hair (even though it does have other health benefits). Using warm water will help open the hair cuticle and release the dirt from your hair.

Pro Tip #2 – Don’t scrub too hard.

Even on the days that you feel like your hair is extra dirty, don’t scrub your hair too hard during washing. This will rough up the hair cuticle. Why is that bad? It can lead to extra hair loss and damage. We are trying to take care of our hair here not have it fall out!

Pro Tip #3 – Use a sulfate free shampoo.

Sulfates are very hard on your hair and can cause damage by stripping natural oils from your hair. Look for a sulfate free option for best results. *Note: Sulfate free shampoos don’t lather up like regular shampoos. Still want suds? Simply add a bit of water to get that rich lather feel. PS – suds don’t do anything for your hair, it’s just what we are used to.

Pro Tip #4 – Focus on your scalp.

Shampoo is designed to clean your scalp, not your hair – wow! Apply the shampoo to your scalp and work it in. Then comb through your hair with your fingers. The ends of your hair will get cleaned as you rinse the shampoo.

Pro Tip #5 – All you need are 2 dime size amounts.

That’s it. A small amount of shampoo (2 dimes size portions) will take care of your hair – even with longer hair. You will apply 1 to the front of the scalp to the crown of your head & 1 for the back and sides. This tip also makes your shampoo last longer. Yay for saving money too.

Pro Tip #6 – Decide how often to wash.

This will take a bit of trial and error (and a little hair training). It really depends on your hair. Some hair types and styles can go several days between washing. Others need washed more often. The best rule here is to try to avoid washing every day. Most experts say washing 2-3x per week is a good standard to follow.

Pro Tip #7 – Consider “after care” products.

Using additional products can definitely help to extend between washing. Dry shampoo is a girl’s best friend when your hair needs a refresh, but you don’t want to wash it yet. Serums are also a helpful addition to maintain style between washes.

Pro Tip #8 – Add a weekly hair mask.

When your hair needs a little extra love, a moisturizing hair mask is a great addition to your routine. And healthy hair will hold up better between washings. That’s a win-win.


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