Want Healthy Summer Hair? Add These 5 Simple Tips to Your Daily Routine

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Summer is here and we are all heading outside to soak up all the sunshine. The warmer days make us want to jump in the water to cool off or lounge poolside all day long. This extra exposure to the sun, heat and salt & chemicals in the water can damage our hair. With some simple tips you can enjoy all the summer activities and still have gorgeous healthy hair. Want healthy summer hair? Add these 5 simples tips to your daily routine and you will be on your way.

Healthy Hair Tip #1 – Go Heatless

Summer is hot enough, give your hair a break from all the heat & damage. Skip the dryer & irons that can damage your hair. Give your hair a break and let it air dry. Still need a bit of style? Using a styling product (like Define+ Curl Cream) you can create a natural, beachy wave look – perfect for everyday. Want a little more styled look, opt for a heatless curling rod for soft beautiful curls without the damage.

Healthy Hair Tip #2 – Say Goodbye to Sweat

Hot summer days make us sweat. Throw a quality dry shampoo in your beach bag & beat the heat. Applying a dry shampoo will help absorb the excess sweat, give a fresh clean smell to your hair and add texture to refresh your beachy waves. Want an ultra fine option that will soothe and balance your scalp too? Check out Refresh+ dry shampoo.

Healthy Hair Tip #3 – No More Frizz

All that humidity can make the frizzies & fly aways impossible to tame. Add some hydration, tame the frizz and make your hair shine with a hair oil (Defrizz+ Oil is a favorite). Using a light hair oil can help reduce fly aways, nourish your scalp & bring back your shine.

Healthy Hair Tip #4 – Condition Your Hair

There is nothing better on a hot summer day than a dip in the pool or ocean. Do this often enough and your hair can get damage from chemicals or salt in the water. Any other blondes out there remember ‘green’ hair in the summer? Even if you don’t see the green tint or you don’t have blond hair, the damage is being done. A simple way to protect your hair is applying a small amount of conditioner to your hair as a leave in treatment before swimming. Creating an extra layer of protection leaves you ready to enjoy the water without worry.

Healthy Hair Tip #5 – Cover Your Head

We have talked a lot about hair, but your scalp needs some TLC this summer too. That delicate skin is what grows your hair. Take care of the scalp and it will give you beautiful hair. Limiting exposure to the sun by wearing a hat is a great option. And bonus, you will look super cute in that beautiful straw hat & give your face some extra sun protection too!

Remember these tips for your next summer pool day or beach vacation and you will help keep your scalp & hair shiny, beautiful and healthy… all summer long! If you want healthy summer hair, add these 5 tips to your daily routine.


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