Using These 4 Words Can Reduce Your Stress

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Are you feeling stressed out and overworked? Do you want off the hamster wheel of busyness? Sometimes it can seem impossible to change and reduce our stress. It feels out of our control. But we can get our power back. Using these 4 words can reduce your stress. I promise. Are you wondering what four magical words have this kind of power? The magical words are – Yes, No, and Not Now.

You may be thinking, okay, how are these words going to reduce stress? These four powerful words helped me realign my priorities in a way that felt good to me. It also worked for my family and my business. And that’s what really reduced my stress.

Want to know how it works?

#1 – Say Yes

First, I said yes to activities that brought me joy. And I said yes to activities that were aligned with my purpose. These were only the best things for me and my family. Not all the good or OK activities. I had to get selective about my choices. Saying yes to the best things leads me to the next word.

#2 – Say No


In saying yes, it required me to use that tiny little painful word… No. To make room in my schedule (and reduce my stress) for the best things I had to get comfortable with also saying no. We don’t like to say no. We want to be all the things to everybody. But we simply can’t. There are not enough hours in the day or energy in our tank to say yes to everything. We have to start saying no.  

Those are your first two words, and they make a big impact in reducing your stress. The last two words might be even more impactful for you. The final 2 words are ‘Not Now’.

# 3 – Try Saying Not Now

Why do I think these are the most impactful? You have many amazing ideas and amazing opportunities that come your way. Those amazing things might not be meant for right now. You might not have the bandwidth to add that to your plate right now, but you really want to do it. This is when you apply the words, not now.  You are making it clear that you want this, and you are leaving the door open for a later date. It makes you feel good and still reduces your stress.


Those are your 4 words and using them can reduce your stress. Begin with a few yes, no, and not now this week. Simply apply them to the decision-making that you are in right now. And watch it lessen your guilt plus reduce your stress.

Take one step today using these 4 words to reduce your stress. Remember baby steps. We are striving for progress, not perfection. And every step counts. Keep going. I am cheering you on. Let me know how you are doing with these 4 words and how they are helping you reduce your stress.


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Want to see how I used these 4 words to reduce my stress? Watch my latest video here.

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