Use Your Skincare Products in the Right Order to Maximize Your Results

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Did you know there is a right way and right order to use your skin care products? This can make all the difference in the results you see in the mirror. After all that’s why we buy these products – to make a change in what we see when we look in the mirror. Here are the steps to use your skincare products in the right order to maximize your results.

#1 – Cleanse

You probably guessed this one. You should start with your cleanser first. This will remove surface impurities (make up, dirt & grime from the air around you) and prepares your skin for the next step. And that makes it more effective!

#2 – Tone

Yes your toner is important. I use to skip this step until someone shared with me what happens in this step. The toner is an exfoliating step. It gently sloughs away the dead skin cells on the surface to encourage new younger cells to come to the surface. And it also gets anything left behind from your cleansing step. WIN WIN!


#3 – Eye Cream

Now that you have prepared your skin, it’s time for the products that do the work. One area that is extremely sensitive to aging and the environment is the delicate skin around your eyes. So grab that eye cream and gently apply it under the brow, at the outside corners & just above your cheek bones. And let it soak in for just a bit before the next step.

#4 – Face Serum

Next are your serums. These lightweight, liquid products do some serious work. Again, give a few minutes before you move onto the next step. It will allow the product to get a little deeper into your skin & really get to work. The serums are typically anti aging and/or hydrating (bonus if you can find one that does double duty). Everyone’s skin needs a serum or two – bye bye wrinkles and hello glowing skin.

#5 – Moisturizer / Night Cream

Then you move on to your daily moisturizer (or night cream – for your nighttime routine). This step holds in your moisture and creates a barrier to protect from all the environmental factors that cause havoc on our skin. Your night cream will also have those anti aging goodies that work while you sleep.

#6 – SPF

This might be the most important step of all! Make sure that you apply SPF to your skin. Especially in the areas where your skin is exposed to daylight – face, neck, hands, arms, chest. Get a good quality sunscreen to protect your skin from damage from the sun. Many moisturizers will include an SPF. If yours does not, grab a good facial & body sunscreen to protect that beautiful, glowing skin you are getting from using your products in the right order!

Follow these simple steps to use your skincare products in the right order to maximize your results.

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