Take 15 Minutes a Day for Your Mental Health Self-care

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Taking time for self-care is more than just a workout or day at the spa. Our minds need care too. It can seem more daunting to take care of our mental health as part of our daily self-care routine. Finding ways to make it feel manageable, helps us stay on track and do our practice. And keeping the practices in our routine shorter will help us fit them into our overcrowded schedules. Take 15 minutes a day for your mental health and try these 5 activities.

#1 – Journal


Starting or ending the day with 15 minutes of journaling can help us process the events of the day and the feelings that come with them – good or bad. The act of writing our thoughts down helps us rest our minds. Your brain will know that it doesn’t have to remember this that it has been written down and will help unwind for better sleep or preparation for the day. Use a journal will daily prompts for thoughts and gratitude or one with blank pages, whatever you prefer.

#2 – Mindful Breathing

One of the best ways to calm the nervous system is a breathing practice. Taking deep breaths, holding for a few seconds and then slowly releasing can be just the mental health self-care practice you need. And this can be a practice you use anywhere and anytime. No extra equipment or a specific space needed. Employ this on an extra stressful day or before an important meeting to help you be calm and ready.

#3 – Snuggle Your Pet


You know your pet loves attention – especially snuggles and belly rubs (maybe it’s just my bulldog pup). But research also shows that it is really good for us too. Spending time with our pets is shown to release feelings (and hormones) that make us happy. Our pets are gentle companions to quietly support us and bring on feelings of calm and joy.

#4 – Listen to Music

Music is a powerful tool in our self-care practice. The right music can completely change your mood and pump you up. Create a playlist of your favorite songs that calm you or make you happy and have them ready. The next time you have a few minutes and need a pick-me-up, turn up your favorite tunes and enjoy!

#5 – Skip Social Media

We all have a love/hate relationship with social media. It can be a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but the endless scrolling can become the doom scroll. That’s not good for any of us or our mental health. If you are having a tough day, skip the scroll and take a walk instead. A break from comparison and watching everyone’s highlight reel will be good. When you are feeling calmer, and joy filled you can check back in to your social media. A little detox from the socials is a good practice to get into your routine.

We all need a little break to care for our mental health on a daily basis. Having a few ideas that take only a few minutes should help keep us on track. A little metal health self-care in 15 minutes a day can help you manage the day-to-day and is good for maintenance. We all can benefit from n depth mental health help, and we should make it a part of our long-term mental health self-care plan. Take 15 minutes a day for your mental health and try these 5 activities.


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