How to Simplify Your Morning Routine & Get it Done in Less than 10 Minutes

by Suzanne M. Harvey

Updated 2/19/2024

I admit it…I am not a morning person. I get up in just enough time to get us out the door for school drop off then I get back to the house and head into my home office. It is a crazy routine and doesn’t really leave time for me to properly take care of my skin (or me for that matter). And I know I won’t be setting the alarm for 30 minutes earlier. I might but I will hit the snooze. It’s just who I am. So instead of fighting my tendencies, I am making them work for me with a few simple tweaks. This is how to simplify your morning routine and get it done in less than 10 minutes.

Tip #1 – Simplify Your Routine with Everything on the Counter

My favorite products on the counter waiting for me.

This is my top tip for anyone who says they forget to use their products. It is true what they say “out of sight, out of mind”. So get those products out on the counter. This doesn’t mean every product on the counter. No one has room for that. Keep it to the basics. And keep it contained. Use a pretty basket or a simple acrylic carousel. I have one and love it. No more wasting time searching for products or simply not using them because they are lost in the black abyss under the sink.

Tip #2 – Simplify Your Routine & Prep the night before

This has been a life saver for me and my family. We use this tip for everything from clothes, to back packs & lunches and SHOES! No more racing around because we can’t find the shoes in the morning. Our number one excuse for not taking care of our skin is not having time. By prepping yourself the night before with what you will wear and all the things your kids / partner need you will carve out a few extra minutes you can use to take care of you. Also refer to #1 and have your products prepped and on the counter waiting for you.

Tip #3 – Simplify Your Routine by Setting the Alarm for 10 minutes Earlier

While I will never actually set an alarm for 30 minutes earlier and get up when that alarm goes off, I can & do set it for 10-15 minutes early on occasion and do get up. We have to make this manageable and reasonable or we simply won’t do it. And you shouldn’t need more than 10 minutes to take care of your skin and run a brush through your hair to get the day started.

Tip #4 – Simplify Your Routine with a Shower / Bath the Night Before

Time for a hot bath or shower to help you unwind and sleep better.

If you like to sleep in a bit like I do, handling the cleaning of your body is best done at night. First of all, it allows you to not use up precious minutes of sleeping in the morning. But more importantly it helps you get in your nighttime skincare routine (Want all the details on my super easy nighttime routine check out “Super Simple Cheater Skincare Routine for Nighttime”) and you will sleep so much better. The warm steam opens up your pores so your products get absorbed more deeply and work better & faster. Yes please! And when you heat up your body temp with a hot shower or bath your body will work hard afterward to cool you down. This cool down signals your mind and body it’s time to sleep. That’s a big win in my book! We all need more restful deep sleep.

These easy to implement tips have helped me carve out a few extra minutes to take care of myself and my skin. Plus I am not so frazzled in the morning so my family gets the best version of me as we start a day. That’s the best win of all. We want to give our best to those we love and by taking care of ourselves for just a few minutes we have so much more to give. I know these tips will help you simply your morning routine.


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