Self Care Is NOT Selfish: Why it’s the Best Way to Show Love

by Suzanne M. Harvey


As women we have gotten the idea that we it is selfish to take time for ourselves. These ideas are perpetrated from external sources but most often they come from the voice in our head. That voice tells us we need to be all things to all people all the time. It tells us we have unlimited energy, creativity & time. And we can do all this with little to no sleep, eating on the run (whatever we can grab) and never asking for help. This is crazy talk and we need a reality reset. Self care is NOT selfish.

Maybe you already know better and you know that you have to take time to take care of yourself. You know that this helps you take better care of those you love. But maybe you still feel that twinge of guilt when you carve out that time for a pedicure or your doctors appointment. These old habits & thoughts are so hard to break. And social media doesn’t help. When you go scrolling and see ‘super woman’ posts with perfectly dressed moms and their kids in picture perfect, completely clean kitchens you start to feel less than. PSST…these are the highlight reel. That one shot took 4,000 takes with mom & kids screaming and crying so give yourself some grace.

Let’s agree to stop the shame game. There is no place for that here. Instead let’s remind eachother that we need self care; that self care isn’t selfish. Let’s encourage eachother to make self care a priority. And bonus points if we can find ways to do self care together — can we say spa day! Because let’s face it, we are better together.

The next time that twinge of guilt rears it’s ugly head, here are few reminders why self care is the best way to show love.

#1 – You will have energy to tackle the tough stuff

Life is full of hard situations we have to deal with. When we take time for self care then we are better equipped to handle the hard things. Taking care of your body, mind & spirit will give the energy boost you need.


#2 – You will be more creative

Problems will arise everyday. And often they need an out of the box solution. Guess what? If you are taking time for your self care, then your mind will be clear & the creative juices will flow. And this is not just for those with a “creative” job. Even your everyday tasks will be easier and solutions will come faster by taking care of yourself first. That sounds like a win to me.

#3 – You will be more content

And this might be the most important one…when you take care of yourself, you will find more contentment with your life. And you won’t constantly be chasing the next thing or trying to achieve something to make you happy. There will be a true sense of contentment in your soul. And you will respond in more positive ways to those around you, deepening relationships with those closest to you. Then this will create a beautiful cycle of fulfillment in your life. What a beautiful way to live your life.

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