Remember All the Fun at Pajama Parties? 5 Tips to Host a Grown Up Pajama Party Your Friends Will Love

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Did you love pajama parties as a little girl? They were my favorite. Being with all my friends, eating our favorite snacks, singing along to our favorite songs on the radio and all the trial (and errors) with hair & makeup. There may have been a call to a boy or two (or three or four) – what can I say? We were a boy crazy bunch. Deep bonds were forged in those late night pajama parties and I am so thankful for friendships that are still going strong that started on those late nights.

On a recent girls trip with a few of those childhood friends I was reminded of the fun we had at our pajama parties, staying up late and talking. It got me thinking… maybe we need a grown up version to rekindle and build those deeper friendships we all need so much. Do you remember all the fun at pajama parties? These 5 tips to host a grown up pajama party your friends will love! Let’s get started.

#1 – Invite a Few Friends

It’s not a party without a few friends. And I think that is the key – a few friends. The larger the party you end up with little groups of people hanging out instead of the whole group. You miss out on the getting to know eachother better with a larger group. I would say keep it at 3-5 friends for your pajama party.

#2 – Snacks & Drinks

No pajama party can exist without snacks and drinks. Whether you opt for your childhood favorites or your grown up choices, make it a celebration. And lighten your load for party prep by asking your guests to bring something to share. If your bestie makes the best taco dip ask her to bring it. If you have a dear friend that isn’t great in the kitchen, have her bring drinks. Spread the love and share the load. That way everyone has something they love at the party to enjoy.

#3 – Pajamas Optional

I am not suggesting a naked party here (unless that’s your thing – you do you). But do let your guests know it’s a pajama party. Some friends will love it and wear their favorite pjs. If your friends prefer sweats or jeans, it’s all good. The goal here is to have everyone be relaxed and have fun. Attire is a not a sticking point. And as the host you can always gift them each soft slippers or PJs, if you want to splurge.

#4 – Plan an Icebreaker Game

Since it’s been awhile since we have done this kind of get together, have a fun game that will help guests relax, laugh and get to know eachother. Not sure what an icebreaker is or which you should use? Google & Pinterest are your best friend. Type in “Icebreaker Games for Ladies Night” and you will get a million options. You could do “What’s in your Purse?” or “Name that Tune”. Get creative but keep it simple.

#5 – Have Fun & Connect

Your friends have arrived. They are enjoying food & drinks and lots of laughter. Your work is done. Now you can relax and have some fun together. Simply making the effort to get a few friends together for fun and connection is a win. We all want & need a more connected group of friends and the little girls inside of us are trying to remind us how it’s done.

Whether you have an overnighter or just an evening in with your friends, I hope you found this helpful and fun. A revisit to childhood pajama parties may just be what you and your friends have been needing. And maybe these 5 tips to host a grown up pajama party your friends will love! I can’t wait to hear how your next grown up pajama party goes!


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