Recovering from Maycember? Try these 3 Tips to Bounce Back in June

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Have you heard of Maycember? It’s the new title for the crazy month of May. Whether you have kids in school or not, something happens to our schedules in May. They get overloaded and we feel like we are juggling all the things and something will come crashing down. We can’t seem to get off the hampster wheel. I was recently reflecting with a friend, that before I had a child, my May schedule was alwasy overloaded. Now with a middle schooler the list of activities to complete in May is nothing short of a whirlwind. But we survived it! And I am ready for the slower pace of summer – hopefully. Are you recovering from Maycember too? Try these 3 tips to bounce back in June and get into the summer swing sooner.

Tip #1 – Make Zero Plans at 1st

Start June with no agenda. This may be hard but everyone in your house needs a break. And you need extra margin in your schedule and maybe extra naps (for you & your kids). Keep the schedule to a minimum with only the absolute necessities – work, food, sleep. This will give your soul time to catch up with your body (love this line from a recent book I read, “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry”). And after a slower week you are a little more ready for all of June’s activities.

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Tip #2 – Get Outside

So many of May’s activities are indoors – school activities, work presentations, etc. and we need time in nature for restore our minds and bodies. During the 1st week as your recovering from Maycember, take leasiurely walks in your neighborhood or at a local park. The purpose is to recharge and move. This is not your intense workout at time. Again we are trying to slow the pace as we recover.

Tip #3 – Spend Time with Your Favorite People


While we are working to not overschedule this week, set aside some time for your favorite people and activities. Squeeze in date night with your special someone or play outside with your kids. It’s a great time to meet up with a friend for coffee and talk about life. Combining some time with your favorite people & activities is a great way to recharge and rest.

After a slow week of recovering from Maycember, you are ready for all the fun that June has in store. Your mind & body are ready to get going and you can set up a plan for your summer schedule for all the work & fun that needs to get done! Need some ideas for summer scheduling? Check out “Slow Down Summer”.

Relax and recover from your hectic May-cember. Time to recharge your batteries,


Wondering how to juggle work and kids at home this summer? Watch my video for tips on tackling your summer work schedule with your kids without losing your mind, here.

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