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I am a Bear: How Knowing Your Chronotype Can Improve Your Schedule & Change Your Life

February 27, 2023

Okay, I know from the title, that sounds a little crazy and maybe a little scary, hear me…


Enjoy Your Snow Day: How You Can Create a Snow Day Self-Care Routine in 5 Simple Steps (and not lose your mind)

February 22, 2023

We’re having an historic winter storm. We’re buried in snow and stuck at home. We have two snow…


Is Your Brain Overwhelmed by Making Decisions? How Creating a Personal Mission Statement Makes It Easier For You

January 25, 2023

Is your brain overwhelmed with all the decision making that has to be done? Creating a personal mission statement could help make it easier for you to make all those daily decisions.


How One Simple Yes Helped Me Discover Joy & Purpose

January 18, 2023

Have you ever heard that little voice inside that taps you on the shoulder and says, “hey you should do this”. May times saying yes becomes the best yes ever and brings you to your purpose & joy.


How to Simplify Your Morning Routine & Get it Done in Less than 10 Minutes

September 21, 2022

Don’t have enough time to take care of yourself and your skin in the morning? Here’s how to simplify your morning routine and get it done in less than 10 minutes in the morning.


How You Can Avoid the 4 Most Common Skincare Mistakes

August 29, 2022

There are some common mistakes we have all made with our skincare routines. But we can tackle them and give us the results we want to look & feel better. These tips will help you avoid the 4 most common skincare mistakes.


How to Get Your Skin Summer Ready: 5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Skin from the Sun While Still Enjoying the Outdoors

May 24, 2022

A little bit of effort and your skin can be summer ready. Check out these 5 simple ways you can protect your skin from the sun while still enjoying the outdoors.


5 Lessons from Saturday Mornings: What My Son Taught Me About Self Care

April 4, 2022

Are you tired after a long week, only to find you have so much more to do on…

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Having Trouble Drinking All that Water? Try these 4 hacks to make it easier for you to drink your water EVERYDAY.

January 12, 2022

It’s a new year and we have lots of goals to get us healthy. One big one is to drink more water. The ‘experts’ vary on how much water you should drink. Is it 8- 8 ounce glasses for 64 ounces? Or is it half your body weight in ounces? Who knows!!! But we can all agree that drinking more water is good for you. And sometimes it’s just hard to drink all that boring water. Here are a few of my fav tips for making it more fun & possible to drink all that water each and every day.


Use Your Skincare Products in the Right Order to Maximize Your Results

May 2, 2021

Did you know there is a right way and right order to use your skin care products? This can make all the difference in the results you see in the mirror. After all that’s why we buy these products – to make a change in what we see when we look in the mirror.


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I am Suzanne Harvey, a woman of faith - boy mom – wife – entrepreneur – interior designer – skincare business owner – lover of music & bulldogs. Like you I wear lots of hats and juggle all the things. In all of that it is easy to lose sight of who we truly are, what truly matters to us and how to slow down to enjoy the beauty around us. Thanks for joining me on this adventure to find beauty in our everyday with encouragement, laughter, plus tips & ideas to help you find your own kind of beautiful.