Is Your Brain Overwhelmed by Making Decisions? How Creating a Personal Mission Statement Makes It Easier For You

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Most companies have a mission statement. It is usually a few sentences that vaguely describe what the company’s purpose is and no one on staff knows what it is or where to find it. A mission statement is defined as, “the formal summary of the aims of a company, organization, or individual”. It sums up who they are or who you are. Have you ever considered creating a mission statement for yourself or your family? Last year I created a mission statement for my company and not only was it a powerful exercise, but it has also given me clarity and has allowed me to make decisions more quickly about how I use my time. And maybe it will do the same for you. Is your brain overwhelmed by making decisions? Creating a personal mission statement can make it easier for you.

How To Create Your Personal Mission Statement

You may already be overwhelmed thinking, “How do I create a mission statement?”. There are several resources to help you figure this out. I used the method described in Laurie Beth Jones’ book, “The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life”. Her simple method helps you create a one sentence mission statement that a 5th grader could understand and will be easy to memorize. None of has time to spend days, weeks or months creating a statement. That doesn’t simplify our lives. I was able to create my mission statement in about an hour. I know you can too!

You Have Your Personal Mission Statement: Now What?

Creating your statement is a great first step. It has helped you define what is most important for the way you live your life. But if you don’t apply it, it won’t help you. And this is where the magic happens. As you get requests for your time – from work, your family or anything else – you run it through the filter of your mission statement. Does it line up with your values, your priorities that you defined in your statement? If so then it might be something you should say yes to (after you check the calendar and evaluate your time available). But what if it isn’t in alignment? This is where you get to say the most empowering word in the English language – NO.

This statement doesn’t always make all decisions as simple as a yes or no. It helps you get to the decision quicker and with more certainty. It also helps you begin to create a life that lines up with what is most important to you. And that is truly a gift.

If you embark on this process and try it out for yourself, please let me know how it is going.  I love to share things that I have found helpful and would love to hear how it is helping you.

Here’s to easier decision making and more alignment for more joy in our lives!


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