Managing Mother’s Day Stress

by Suzanne M. Harvey


As we approach Mother’s Day you may already be stressing out. Maybe your overwhelmed with planning for your mom, grandma or MIL or all of the above. Or you are a mom who wants a day to yourself without having to plan anything. For some of you, this holiday is full of hard emotions from painful relationships or you’re grieving the loss of your mom. Whatever is stressing you out this holiday, try these simple steps and be on your way to managing Mother’s Day stress. May you find joy and rest in the midst of it all.

#1 – Keep it Simple

Can you combine multiple celebrations into one for all the meaningful women in your life (i.e. mom, MIL, grandma, aunts, sister / SIL)? Maybe the big family outing to a fancy restaurant isn’t necessary. What about a family picnic at the local park? This takes care of what the kids will do, the food will be less fussy, everyone can bring something to share, plus no one has to host and there is minimal clean up. Now that sounds like a big win to me!

#2 – Ask for Help


You don’t have to be the only one organizing everything this year. Ask for help! Enlist a sister / sister-in-law, your partner, your kids and any other family members you can. In our family, my husband and son are in charge of getting cards for all the moms / grandmas / special aunts. And my husband is also in charge of flowers. Our moms are away from us so we usually send flowers or a plant. He will search out options and then I decide on final selection, and he orders them. My SIL takes care of finding a gift for my MIL and we send money. Having this approach takes the pressure off of me to do all the things.

#3 – Spread out the Celebrations

Take time to celebrate your mom, MIL, grandma, aunt or other special people that are like moms in your life throughout the year. This takes the pressure off of so much to do on the holiday weekend. And it’s makes mom feel more special throughout the year instead of just once a year. Then you don’t have to feel like it has to be the perfect celebration. Less pressure on you, means more enjoyment and being more present in the moment. If you feel like you need to see everyone this weekend, try to spread it throughout the weekend and block off Sunday, just for you!

#4 – Have Fun


This is supposed to be a celebration for the women who brought us into this world and the other special ladies in our lives. And if you’re a mom, it’s a day to celebrate you too. Make it fun! If you always do fancy brunch and no one likes to get dressed up, you don’t have to. Do a family breakfast at home in your PJs. If you love being outside, pack a picnic basket, take a walk in the windows and enjoy. If you are doing things out of tradition but it isn’t fun anymore, it’s OK to change it up. And make sure to tell your husband and kids what fun you want to have so they can plan it and surprise you this year.

When Mother’s Day is Painful

A note to the ladies that are struggling with Mother’s Day this year, family is complicated, and relationships are hard. Maybe you are grieving the loss of your mom, grandma or another special lady. You may be grieving the children you desperately want but don’t have or the relationship with your child that isn’t good right now. I want you to know I see you and you are not alone. Please know I am sending prayers and hugs as you navigate this hard weekend. Even in these hard moments, I hope these tips will have you managing Mother’s Day stress a little better than before.

Whatever this holiday looks like for you, know that you can do this differently. I hope this gives you hope and encouragement. Try these 4 steps for managing Mother’s Day stress and let me know how it goes.


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