Lessons You Can Learn from the Doctor’s Office

by Suzanne M. Harvey


When your self-care isn’t fun, it can still be critically important. I don’t like doctor’s appointments any more than you do. But based on my family history, my own risk factors and some health issues in the past, they are must. When you hear self-care do you immediately think spa day? I do too. It sounds like this wonderful, dreamy day with soft robes, exquisite treatments while sipping bubbly and eating luscious salads. Somewhere along the way, we forgot that self-care includes basic needs like daily bathing and doctor appointments. So many women I talk to, don’t schedule their annual checkups. And they keep putting them off. It can seem like no big deal, but it could be altogether dangerous to skip these. On my health journey, I have learned to embrace them as part of my life and learned a few lessons too. Here are 4 lessons you can learn from the doctor’s office too.

Lesson #1 – Fear is normal.

The number one reason most people avoid their checkups is fear. And that is completely normal. You can be fearful of what might be lurking in a test result or that strange symptom. Please don’t google your symptom, you will find the scariest information out there (and most often it isn’t your diagnosis). I have found that while fear is a normal part of getting my checkups, if I ask lots of questions of the doctor it will ease my anxiety. So if your doctor says you need a certain test, don’t be afraid to ask why and what the test is like and how you will feel afterwards. Ask all the questions you need to. It is part of what they get paid for, promise!

Lesson #2 – Knowledge is powerful.

When you get in the regular habit of doing your checkups, you will learn so much about yourself and your body. You will learn all the magnificent things it does for you every day. And you will learn about your quirks, glitches and problems too. But all of this knowledge is helpful and oh so powerful. When you know what your body is up to, what it needs and what it doesn’t it allows you to use it better and maximize it’s potential for your benefit.

Lesson #3 – Change is possible.

The best part – all that knowledge will help you know how to affect change. Even with issues that are hereditary, you are not without power to manage it. Somethings cannot be avoided no matter what we do. But if you use your knowledge to make educated, calculated changes in lifestyle you can limit the impact of your genes and maximize your health. For once, change it a good thing.

Lesson #4 – Maintenance is necessary.

You know if you don’t check the oil in your car, eventually it will burn up. I know in my house my husband keeps track of the car (thank you babe!) but I am the one that schedules the doctor appointments. If we maintain our cars they last longer and run better. Guess what? So do our bodies. And if you are getting your body maintenance done it will run more efficiently and for a lot longer. Who doesn’t want to live forever?! Especially when you are feeling great.

Now What?

This may not convince you to go schedule all the appointments, but maybe start with just one. If you are a woman, over 40 I highly recommend a mammogram. It is the easiest, most effective test you can take for your health. Start today and don’t wait until you have an issue that requires a doctor’s visit. The people that love you will thank you for taking care of you so you can be around even longer with the. Even when self-care isn’t fun, it can be good for you!


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