How One Simple Yes Helped Me Discover Joy & Purpose

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Have you ever heard this little voice inside that taps you on the shoulder and says, “hey you should do this”? It seems strange but we have all had moments where this was the case. It is usually something unexpected. Something you would never do or have ever thought about doing. Yet it is often the exact thing we should be doing. Many times, that one simple yes helps you discover joy and purpose.

How It All Began

On a late August afternoon in 2017, I was at an event to support my amazing sister-in-law. She is a busy wife, mom to triplets and a professional wedding photographer. She had started another business in skincare with Rodan + Fields. I was not in any way interested in the products or a business opportunity. I was there to be supportive. That’s what we do in our family. I was so proud of her and the work she was doing to empower & lift women and help them get better skin. She was a walking billboard for how well the products work. She struggled with acne for many years. And she finally found something that worked for her.

I Had Zero Interest or Time

Of course, she had shared the business opportunity with me (and so had another dear friend) and I had zero interest. I was completely overwhelmed in my life already running my interior design business, trying to be a good mom and wife, plus volunteering at school and church. I already felt guilty about how much time my design business was taking from my family. Every part of the business was my responsibility. If I didn’t say yes to every project, I didn’t get paid. I was constantly on the lookout for the next project. Even though I was an independent business owner, my schedule was not my own. I was always on call for clients, vendors and contractors. It just wasn’t working but the thought of adding one more thing to my schedule seemed impossible.

There I sat there listening and watching and then it happened…that little tap on the shoulder. My inner voice was saying, “take a look, this is for you”. My immediate response to that inner voice, “no way, not me”.  

The wheels started to turn in my head, but I had questions…lots of them. I asked a few questions of the ladies that day and left without saying a word to my SIL. Those questions, ‘what ifs’ and everything else swirled in my head for 2 days. A big question for me was what people would think. I try to act like I don’t care about what people think, but with my other business I wondered if people would think I had lost my mind. That inner prompting was confusing me and I didn’t understand how this could be something I should do.

What Changed It For Me

The turning point for me was that all of the women presenting were busy professionals – teachers, nurses, doctors, commercial photographers, accountants, a news anchor, all with families, activities, volunteering – just like me. And there were full time moms & homeschool moms with lots of kids. How on Earth were they doing this as a business. They didn’t have any more time than I did and yet they saw something in this opportunity that was worth craving out time to take a chance. It really started to change my mind about how this could work for me.

So I called my SIL and signed up, after 3 days of questions and contemplation. At first I worked it like a hobby – a little here and there, sharing it with friends and family, alongside my interior design business. Last year I decided to close my interior design business. Now I have much less stress, I can take my son to school each day, while working on my business when & where I want, to create the life that works best for our family and be the kind of wife and mom I want to be while making an income.

Five Years After that 1st Yes

Now 5 years later, this is my full-time work – helping women take care of themselves so they can take care of those they love, get great results, make an impact in their families & communities, and discover joy in their life. And I am building a team of women that I get to lock arms with to help even more women create extra income, find community, and empower women entrepreneurs in our communities and around the world.

This one yes has become a beautiful life and I am so thankful to be able to share it with so many amazing women who want more than they dreamed possible but have found a way.

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Suzanne Harvey

I am Suzanne Harvey, a woman of faith - boy mom – wife – entrepreneur – interior designer – skincare business owner – lover of music & bulldogs. Like you I wear lots of hats and juggle all the things. In all of that it is easy to lose sight of who we truly are, what truly matters to us and how to slow down to enjoy the beauty around us. Thanks for joining me on this adventure to find beauty in our everyday with encouragement, laughter, plus tips & ideas to help you find your own kind of beautiful.


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