Having Trouble Drinking All that Water? Try these 4 hacks to make it easier for you to drink your water EVERYDAY.

by Suzanne M. Harvey,feature_trouble_drinking_water_southeast_minnesota_suzanne_m_harvey_BYBeautifully.png,-January%2012%2C%202022

It’s a new year and we have lots of goals to get us healthy. One big one is to drink more water. The ‘experts’ vary on how much water you should drink. Is it 8- 8 ounce glasses for 64 ounces? Or is it half your body weight in ounces? Who knows!!! But we can all agree that drinking more water is good for you. And sometimes it’s just hard to drink all that boring water. Here are a few of my fav tips for making it more fun & possible to drink all that water each and every day.


#1 – Find a fun water bottle

The right container can help us get the water in because we want to grab it out of the cabinet. We all have our favorite coffee mug right? Well then you need your favorite water bottle. It could be your favorite color or maybe it has a motivational saying on it. Maybe it’s a small stainless steel lined mug or a giant water bottle that holds enough water for all day. Whatever it is make it something that you want to grab and take with you through out the day. Because if you like it you will always grab it & you are more likely to drink the water!

#2 – Add Fruit & Herbs


Let’s be honest…water is pretty bland. And we like flavor!!! I am not a fan of drink flavoring. It’s added calories and usually is made from things that none of us can pronounce…yikes. Cut up some fruit and drop it in with your water. And add some mint. It is so refreshing in your water. If you don’t want your fruit floating around find a fruit infuser. It’s a small basket that you drop the fruit in and drop the basket in a pitcher of water. Easy & delicious.

#3 – Reward Yourself for Good Behavior

We all need a little reward to keep up the good work. So find a way to reward yourself. If you have a favorite beverage, allow yourself one after you have consumed half your water for the day. Because little rewards along the way will keep you motivated and make you want to stay on track.


#4 – Find a Buddy

Like any other health goal, sometimes it helps to have a partner. Someone else that wants to reach the same goal can help keep you on target and encourage you when you want to quit. This is especially helpful when you go out. Having someone that understands your goals will help you keep going when you don’t want to.

Drinking more water is one of the easiest things that we can do to improve our overall health. And with these simple tricks it is a little easier. So keep at it. Because you’re worth it! And by adding a little extra water every day you will reach your goal. Because even baby steps get us to the finish line.

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