Hair Masks: Why You Should Add One & Tips for Great Results

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Hair masks are a hot trend in haircare right now. With so many options to choose from it can be hard to know what to use, when to use and if you even need to use a hair mask. Here’s your guide to help you see why you should add one to your hair care routine and tips for great results for beautiful, healthy hair.

Who Should Use a Hair Mask


Do you have color treated hair? Is your hair damaged from heat, sun, too many products or a medicine you are taking? Then your hair could benefit from a hair mask. Adding nutrients and moisture will help repair the hair shaft giving you beautiful looking, silky smooth hair. It is also a wonderful addition to your selfcare routine for a little extra pampering. If any of this describes your hair, you should add one to your haircare routine.

How to Find the Right Mask for Your Hair

You have decide you should add one to your haircare routine, now how do you decide which one is right for your hair? You want to start with your main concern. Most masks will address the basic concerns – dryness, damage, dullness. If you need something more intense, check with your personal hair stylist for her recommendations – they will know your hair and have the knowledge to help you get the right product. If you are addressing the most common concerns, check out Moisture+ Conditioning Mask.


How to Use Your Mask for Best Results

Some simple steps will help you enjoy using your hair mask and get you the beautiful results you are looking for. I searched the internet and with help from some celebrity stylists I have found some helpful tips to get you on your way to beautiful hair.

  1. Use a quarter sized amount
  2. Apply from mid-shaft to the ends and avoid apply mask to your scalp
  3. Skip conditioner on the days you use a hair mask.
  4. Use your fingers to comb mask through your hair all the way to the ends
  5. Leave on 3-5 minutes or for deeper conditioning up to 30 minutes (check bottle instructions to comfirm time).

Are you ready to add one to your haircare routine and use these tips for great results? You might just fall in love with your hair again. As always I hope this was helpful for you. make sure to let me know how you are using the information. I can’t wait to hear how you are loving your hair.


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